CLA Academic Committees

Under no circumstances and at no stage in the process should faculty contact any member of CLA's committees for any information, explanation, clarification, or detail about committee deliberations, recommendations, or reports.

Faculty Research Award Committee

Charles Doss, School of Statistics 2018/19

Keya Ganguly, Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature 2018/19

Michael Gaudio, Art History 2018/19

Sumanth Gopinath, School of Music 2018/19

Michael Lower, History 2017/18

Gillian Monnier, Anthropology 2018/19

Michelle Phelps, Sociology 2018/19

Helena Pohlandt-McCormick, History 2018/19

David Rahman, Economics 2017/18

Matthias Rothe, German, Scandinavian, and Dutch 2018/19

Xiaotong Shen, School of Statistics 2018/19

Moin Syed, Psychology 2019/20

Promotion and Tenure Review Committee

Rose Brewer, African American and African Studies 2018/19

Sarah Chambers, History 2017/18

Brenda Child, American Studies 2019/20

Stephen Engel, Psychology 2017/18

Ana Forcinito, Spanish and Portuguese Studies 2017/18

Vinay Gidwani, Geography, Environment, and Society 2019/20

Andrew Karch, Political Science 2019/20

Bernard Levinson, Classical and Near Eastern Studies 2019/20

Peggy Nelson, Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences 2019/20

Tanya Remenikova, Music 2018/19

Christopher Uggen, Sociology 2017/18

Jan Werner, Economics 2019/20

Tetsuya Yamada, Art 2019/20

Hui Zou, Statistics 2018/19