Infrastructure for Learning Funding Program 

The Infrastructure for Learning Funding Program oversees the long-term evolution and maintenance of the inventory of instructional infrastructure in CLA. Departments submit plans that are reviewed by the Infrastructure for Learning Committee in spring semester. This committee interacts with departments with regard to maintenance of inventory and reviews department plans for upgrades and new facilities. Learn more about the program below or go to the FAQ for specific questions. If the question you have is not answered below or on the FAQ, please contact LATIS at

Why does this funding program exist?

The Infrastructure for Learning Program oversees the long-term evolution and maintenance of the inventory of instructional infrastructure in CLA.

What values does this funding program seek to uphold?

  • Student-centered: Infrastructure funded by this program should be kept up to date with current student expectations.
  • Collaboration: Departments and college-level IT staff work together to find effective and efficient solutions for the college’s needs.
  • Alignment: Infrastructure use should be directly tied to departmental and collegiate curricular objectives.
  • Communication: Best practices, lessons learned, and other ideas should be shared throughout the college and beyond.
  • Fairness: The process will be conducted with objectivity and transparency.
  • Efficient: The process is planful, not competitive, and uses data to support cost-effective decision-making.

How does this funding program work?

Also, please note:
  • - This award follows is a reimbursement model where the department initially purchases the approved items and then is reimbursed by LATIS once items are confirmed.
  • - Collected data on usage and other trends will be maintained to guide decision-making.
  • - Current infrastructure and plans for upgrades and new infrastructure are simultaneously evaluated and adjusted by the committee to meet goals within budget constraints.
  • - The committee will raise common needs with University units (e.g., OIT and OCM) to leverage existing technologies and processes and encourage new services that will serve the college better.

What types of things 
can I request funding for in the plan?

  • - Equipment and software licenses for computer labs.
  • - Equipment and software licenses for technology-enhanced teaching or learning spaces.
  • - Equipment that is widely shared within the department for instruction (i.e., loaner pools).
  • - Equipment and software licenses necessary for the ongoing development of course and other instruction-related materials.
What types of things can’t I request under this plan?

  • Permanent staff (include such requests as part of the CLA budgeting process).


What needs to be included in your department technology infrastructure plan?

        Inventory: List of the department’s existing labs, facilities, and infrastructure needed to support the department’s curriculum and related instructional activities.

        Upgrades: Description of the upgrades necessary to maintain the usefulness of the department’s existing infrastructure.

        New Infrastructure: Description of items needed to fulfill department’s instructional activities.

        Divestments: Description of plans to reduce or eliminate labs, facilities, and other infrastructure that can no longer be justified by student needs or departmental priorities.
        Other Services: Description of how department is taking advantage of services from University or other providers outside of CLA to reduce need department spending.

Questions about the Infrastructure for Learning Funding Program?