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We help make UMN smaller by connecting you with the services and resources you need.

We have experts in instruction, research, process improvement, and many related technologies available to serve the needs of CLA's instructors, researchers, scholars and administrators. 
We recognize, however, that finding the right person or resource can be difficult; this is why we partner every CLA department with a LATIS Departmental Consultant. This consultant helps you navigate the wide range of services in the college and the university and advocates for the support you need to accomplish your work. This includes connecting you with specialists within LATIS, CLA administration, University IT, the Libraries, or beyond. 

Examples of support provided include:

  • strategic planning and funding for your departmental technology and innovation
  • computer, software, and other technology purchasing consultation
  • project management support
  • assessing, documenting, and improving departmental processes
Ready to begin?

Contact the consultant assigned to your department listed below. Expect us to return your call or email within a day. In the meanwhile, start by reviewing what you can do right away with these checklists:

We look forward to working with you!