What we do

We tell CLA’s stories to our various audiences via our web, social media, print and other channels. We meticulously place the right content in the right places so our audiences can find it where they are looking for it. 


Drupal Migration Project

Our team provides project management for migrating 60 collegiate unit and program websites from HTML to the enterprise Drupal content management system. We expect that all of these sites will be migrated by the end of the 2016-17 academic year.

The scope of the project includes sites for collegiate departments, degree programs, college centers, and certain initiative websites. 

Not within the scope of this project are sites for: labs, individual faculty, externally funded projects, courses, conferences, and intranets. For information on creating sites for these needs, see the Office of Information Technology’s self-help guide on website creation.

The types of content, visual design, and menu layouts of the new Drupal sites were developed in consultation with the digital firm Clockwork, which conducted extensive research on the web needs of our future and current students, alumni, and staff. These sites better meet the needs of our future and current students by prioritizing information in intuitive structures, while ideally helping students “see” themselves here in CLA and in your departments.

Simon Whitney
Web Developer


We provide support and training for people in our collegiate units who use Drupal, the Unversity's enterprise content management system, to create and maintain pages within an official CLA unit site. 

Simon Whitney
Web Developer

Internal Communication

We produce CLA Enews, the College's bi-weekly internal enewsletter. If you have feedback or news that you'd like to share, send it to

Mass Email

We are the College’s primary contact for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the University’s enterprise mass email system. We can meet with you to discuss mass email needs and options. We can also consult with you on communicating through mass email. 
Colleen Ware
Content Editor

Media Relations

We are the primary contact for media relations. We work with University Relations (currently Emma Bauer) to coordinate media pitches and responds to reporter requests for CLA experts.

Sharing your expertise with the media
We encourage you to share your research expertise with the media. As an expert in your field, you can affect local, national, and international communities through this kind of outreach. Plus, creating a media profile can help you expand and strengthen your research, funding and other networks.

Training for media interviews is available (and strongly recommended) for CLA faculty who wish to improve their presence and exposure through the news media. 

You can help us find you by keeping your profile in the CLA Directory up to date with information and keywords about your expertise.

When to refer the media to us
Reporters may try to contact department chairs or other faculty and staff for information about collegiate issues such as enrollment numbers, budget amounts, curriculum, strategic planning, etc. In these cases refer reporters to Scott Meyer, chief marketing officer.

If a reporter shows up at your office without an appointment, you are not obligated to speak with them. In fact, they are likely trying to catch people unawares and are violating protocols that the University has in place with local news outlets. Again refer them to Scott, and let him know about the visit as soon as possible.

Scott Meyer
Chief Marketing Officer


We have a staff photographer whose responsibilities include faculty headshots and images for CLA and unit websites. We do not do photography of department events. If you would like photography at a departmental event, we can recommend freelancers to hire. We also have a DSLR camera that we’re happy to loan you. (It’s very easy to use.) 

Photographer/Graphic Designer

Social Media

We manage our college’s primary social media channels and serve as a resource to our departments on social media practices. Our primary hashtag is #UMNCLA. UMNCLA is active in the following platforms:
Setting up new social media accounts
Before you set up any social media accounts, please contact Tessa Eagan. We have established branding conventions, standards, and practices for the College. We are available to advise on best practices, tracking social media traffic, and growing your followers. 

We have a community of social media users social media users you can join to keep up to date on all the information that’s shared internally about social media. 

Story Telling

We tell stories about the people and efforts in the College that connect to the Roadmap goals. These stories become part of a content strategy and are shared through different channels inside and outside the University.

We welcome your news of research, awards, alumni achievements, innovations, staff recognition. Share your news with us.

Why it matters

By telling CLA’s stories, we help attract the best students and faculty, we help donors understand the benefits of charitable giving to CLA, and we help our alumni and the general public understand and articulate the value of a liberal arts education.