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Volunteer Agreements

Volunteer Agreements

Contact CLA HR at 624-9839 or if you have questions.

  • Departments who use volunteers should follow this process for formalizing the relationship of volunteers within CLA and for University legality issues.
  • The information provided in these guidelines does not apply to emeriti faculty.
  • These guidelines do not apply to Without Salary (WOS) appointments. For information regarding WOS appointments, contact CLA Payroll.
  • Volunteers are not entered into HRMS. Complete the required Contract, follow the process, and if necessary, obtain the “Departmentally Sponsored Email Account” forms from the web. Your department is responsible for the costs associated with the account.

CLA Process: 

Complete the appropriate OGC Volunteer Agreement Contract:

Provide the Volunteer with the "Volunteer Template Letter"

Volunteer must read the appropriate policies: