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P&A Performance Appraisals

P&A Annual Appraisals

Questions concerning the annual review of academic professional and administrative staff should be directed to CLA Human Resources (612-624-9839).

Submission Deadline - March 23, 2018

Cover a review period of January 1, 2017, to December 31, 2017.

The University requires that written performance reviews be prepared annually for all P/A (93xx, 97xx) employees. This includes P/A employees that are currently on academic temp casual appointments who will be returning in future semesters. 

Review materials must be submitted electronically as a single PDF per employee to the college's projects drive. One paper copy should be sent to central Human Resources (200 Donhowe; 3122). Keep copies for the employee and the unit.

General Information

Annual Review of Academic Professional and Administrative (P&A) employees. In accordance with the Administrative Policy on Performance Reviews for Academic Professional and Administrative Employees, the University (a) requires the conducting of annual written performance reviews and (b) promotes the ongoing practice of regular feedback to the employee and candid discussion about performance throughout the year.

This policy establishes general procedures for performance reviews and delegates to the senior administrator of each campus, college, or administrative unit oversight of specific delivery formats and procedures. Criteria for these reviews will vary according to the nature of the position and the unit in which it is located.

General criteria to be used in the review of all P&A employees include:

  1. Achievement of goals that support the mission of the department/division, the campus, college, or administrative unit, and the University;
  2. Behavioral and functional competencies;
  3. Service delivery to internal colleagues and external constituents;
  4. Promotion of, and sensitivity to the University’s diverse community with attention to equal opportunity, affirmative action, and improvement of climate for diverse groups; and
  5. Responsible leadership, management, and use of the University’s human, physical, and financial resources.

A key aspect of this process is the relationship of the responsible administrator/supervisor and the employee, paired with the recognized value and importance of shared responsibility between the two individuals.

The campus, college, or administrative unit head will ensure that an evaluation and development process is conducted for the P&A employees for which responsibility is held, and that the process is properly and fairly implemented within the unit.

Annual Performance Reviews (Required)

Responsible administrators/supervisors must conduct an annual performance review for P&A employees that report to them. Annual performance reviews are designed as a formal mechanism to evaluate the past year's performance of P&A employees. They are conducted in general for the following purposes:

    1. Evaluating performance for the year;
    2. Improving individual performance to benefit personal, unit, and institutional effectiveness;
    3. Recognizing professional growth and achievements;
    4. Determining salary increases based on an assessment of the performance of responsibilities and, where applicable, service activities; and
    5. Identifying performance goals and professional growth areas for the next year.

Governing Documents

Required Materials - Submit electronically to CLA projects drive

CLA Staff Appraisal Form


  • Written description of unit's review guidelines/process
  • Employee annual performance summary report
  • Supervisor written evaluation of employee
  • Employee response (if applicable)


Procedures for Conducting Annual Review

P&A Employee:

  1. Preparation of Annual Performance Summary Report
    P&A employees will prepare an annual performance summary report and provide it to their respective responsible administrator/supervisor. It is recommended that the report include achievements made toward goals established for the preceding 12 months. It may also include a statement of proposed goals/objectives for the coming year.
  2. Written Response
    The P&A employee may prepare, if desired, a written response to the performance review to supplement or refute the evaluation of the responsible administrator/supervisor. This response is to be retained with the official copy of the review.

Responsible Administrator/Supervisor Conducting Review:

  1. Review of Annual Performance Summary Report
    The responsible administrator/supervisor conducting the annual performance review will review the annual performance summary report prepared by the P&A employee being reviewed and assess the work and progress toward goals.
  2. Performance Feedback from Others
    The responsible administrator/supervisor may seek feedback regarding the employee’s performance from others as appropriate. In doing so, ensure that procedures are consistent for all P&A employees in the unit unless special circumstances exist.
  3. Preparation of Written Evaluation
    The responsible administrator/supervisor will prepare a written evaluation regarding the performance of the P&A employee being reviewed.
  4. Meeting with the P&A Employee
    The responsible administrator/supervisor will meet with the P&A employee, provide a copy of the review, and discuss its contents.
  5. Discussion of next year’s Goals and Areas for Growth
    The responsible administrator will engage the employee in a discussion of expectations and goals for the coming year and areas for professional growth.
  6. Collegiate and Central Personnel File
    The responsible administrator/supervisor will forward a copy of the employee’s completed performance review to the CLA Office of Human Resources (electronic submission of materials on CLA projects drive) and hard copy to the Office of Human Resources (100 Donhowe) for inclusion in the employee’s personnel file.