Position Management Information

Position Numbers

Position Number Request Form (DOC)

All requests for new numbers and modifications of undergrad and graduate appointments: (2XXX & 95XX (except 954X post-docs) should route to your payroll specialist. 

  • Hamuda Ahmed: ahmed105@umn.edu
  • Chris Arko: arkox014@umn.edu
  • Christy Campbell: campb753@umn.edu
  • Kitty Casey: casey037@umn.edu
  • Chris Denu: denux002@umn.edu
  • Allie Jonas: macdo247@umn.edu
  • Maya Nestingen: nest0023@umn.edu
  • Inna Volfson: volfs001@umn.edu

All other requests (labor represented, civil service, P/A, faculty, post-docs, and temp/casual) should route to:

  • clahr@umn.edu

Position Number Pooling Guidelines:

  • Pooling allows a Position Manager to associate multiple jobs to one position,
  • Supervisors may not be pooled.
  • A position may be pooled, if all of the following attributes are the same for each incumbent within the position.
Department ID
Job Code
Reports to
Salary Admin Plan and grade
Standard hours/FTE
Union Code
Bargaining Unit
Business Title

Positions should mirror the job data of the incumbents on the above attributes

When pooling requirements have been met, CLA will be pooling the following (until further notice):

1) Temp / Casual Appointments
2) Undergraduate Students
3) Graduate Students
4) Without Salary appointments
5) Z-term(lump sum) Lecturers & Teaching Specialists
6) S-term (summer lump sum) Lecturers & Teaching Specialist
7) Summer faculty teaching appointments
8) Summer faculty research appointments
9) Summer faculty misc. appointments