Exempt Temporary or Casual 0007 Appts

Required Documents for Temp/Casual Appointments into the Exempt (job code: 0007) Classification

To ensure compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), CLA Human Resources requires approval prior to making any appointments into the Exempt Temporary or Casual (0007) classification. CLA Financial Service Teams will not enter 0007 appointments into HRMS without CLA HR approval.

Please provide the following documentation to CLA HR:

·         Detailed job description

·         Suggested hourly rate of pay

·         Comparable Civil Service classification (must be an exempt position; cannot be P&A)

·         Supervisor of position

·         Indicate if the appointment will be “Temporary” with total number of workdays for the appointment (67 workdays is the limit) OR “Casual” with total number of hours per week for the appointment (14 hours/week is the limit)

·         Start and End dates (end date required if “temporary”)

·         Current Org Chart  (if not uploaded to projects drive)

Once CLA HR receives all of the required documentation, the request will be reviewed to ensure appropriate classification, compensation, and exemption status. Once approved, CLA HR will notify the department and provide a position number.  The department should then work with their Financial Services team to enter the appointment and ensure proper onboarding to payroll.

Please Note: Non-exempt Temp/Casual Appointments (job code: 0001) can be directly processed through your Financial Service Teams. If you need help with a comparable job code for the HRMS form and/or need a position number set up, please contact clahr@umn.edu.