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What is new

What's New

The CLA Intranet has been reorganized and redesigned as part of a charge from the Operational Leadership Team to develop a set of standards and processes to facilitate effective communication in CLA administration. It’s now called “The Neighborhood,” and, like a good neighbor, its goal is to be helpful by providing good information and keeping things well maintained. 

We've worked to better organize our processes for maintaining the content and are trying new tools for sharing information.

Content Coordinators

One method we're using to improve content maintenance is appointing a content coordinator for each administrative unit. This person will be responsible for updating and maintaining the content for their unit. If you have a question about content, we encourage you to share it through the feedback form. Content coordinators will be monitoring the form for questions.


We are using Google calendar to generate a calendar for each administrative unit that displays deadlines and events specific to their responsibilities. You can find each unit's individual calendar on its home page, or you can see all deadlines and events combined into one calendar on the CLA Administrative Calendar

Knowledge Base

Over time we plan to build a knowledge base, a collection of resources created by people who understand processes or procedures that can help you accomplish tasks. It could be a written step-by-step process, for example, or it could be a video. If you have a suggestion for a "knowledge article," please share it with us on the feedback form

Something You Cannot Find?

The old intranet site will still be available for the month of October. Again, we encourage you to send a note through the feedback form.