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CLA Governance

The CLA Assembly is the governing body for the College of Liberal Arts.

Academic Professional and Administrators                     

The CLA P&A Board is a twelve member body consisting of Academic Professional and Administrative Professional employees representing the College of Liberal Arts. The P&A Board serves as advocate and advisor regarding issues important to fellow P&A employees such as compensation, promotion, and professional development.

Administrators Forum
The CLA Administrators' Forum brings together a diverse group of academic unit administrators in an open forum that focuses on commonalities and common good in relation to the research, teaching, and service missions of the University.

CLA Assembly

The CLA Assembly is the policy-making and legislative body of the College of Liberal Arts, and a forum for its members to discuss important college-wide issues.

Budget Advisory Committee

The Budget Advisory Committee advises the dean on allocating budgetary resources, including faculty positions to departments, programs, and schools and shall advise the college administration on procedures to gather information serving that purpose.

Curriculum, Instruction & Advisory Committee

The Curriculum, Instruction and Advising Committee proposes to the CLA Assembly curricular, instructional, and advising policies of college-wide significance, new degree regulations, revision of existing degree regulations, and the establishment or discontinuance of majors or degree programs.

Council of Chairs

The Council of Chairs meets regularly with the dean to discuss collegiate actions that significantly affect the missions of the departments, programs and schools.

Course Review Committee

The Course Review Committee reviews and approves proposals for courses to be added to the curriculum and policies governing transfer of credit. The committee shall identify and refer to the dean course proposals with significant financial or policy implications. 

University Senate Minutes    

Faculty, students, and staff system-wide participate in University Senate governance. Shared governance provides an opportunity for diverse voices of the University community to participate in discussions and weigh in on many of the key issues facing the University.         

Information about other CLA committees is located here.