Purchasing Methods & Procedures

U Market

U Market is a key component of the University of Minnesota's strategic sourcing initiative and an important part of the University's overall approach to Operational ExcellenceU Market has guaranteed contract pricing, electronic invoicing, and is the most cost effective purchasing process.

While it is an expectation that faculty and staff will use the U Market purchasing method whenever possible, there may be situations where another purchasing method is more appropriate. View a quick, visual summary of how departments may purchase the most common goods and services via this job aid.

Job Aids

Visit the University's Purchasing Services site for information regarding purchasing methods and procedures, including the following:
  • University Purchasing Methods
    • Includes a job aid that summarizes the five different methods that may be used for departmental purchasing.

  • Purchasing Thresholds
    •  Describes the purchasing thresholds and required steps specific to each commodity:
      • Standard Goods and Services
      • Professional Services (CPS)
      • Construction Services
      • Design Services

  • Standard Goods and Services - Entering Into Contracts
    • Includes links to the relevant administrative policy and administrative procedure. (Departments should contact the Office of the General Counsel (OGC) before entering into a contract.)

  • Professional Services
    • Includes a table that describes which type of transaction and forms are required when purchasing a professional service.


The following purchasing-related forms can be found in the University Forms Library:
    • Payments with no invoice require a Check Request Form: UM 1659
    • Supplier Authorization/Change Form: UM 1679
    • Professional Services Information Sheet (PSIS) form: UM 1669
    • Statement of Work Attachment for Professional Services form: UM 1697
    • Non Resident Alien Data Worksheet form: UM 1695
    • Department Request for Exception to Regents Purchasing Policy Form: UM 1721