A service of CLA's Office of the Associate Dean for Faculty and Research, a grants support team exists to help CLA faculty develop effective proposals and obtain funding for research and scholarship.

Please refer to the site, CLA Grants, Fellowships, & Research Funding, for complete information.

CLA's grants management coordinator, Gayle Anderson, is housed in Fiscal Administration. Gayle brings 20+ years of experience in financial management to her work. Gayle has an extensive background in grants management and coordination, and her experience and established relationships within the University research community enables her to provide valuable assistance to Principal Investigators and Department Administrators as they navigate University/Agency grant submission processes and post-award management. She works closely with the Associate Dean for Research and serves as the CLA proposal approver.

Gayle is available to assist PIs, Department Administrators, and accountants with the following:
  • Budget Development
  • Interpreting Agency requirements/guidelines
  • Serve as resource for policy questions (pre- and post-award)
  • Proposal (Budget) Review
  • Serve as liaison between PIs, CLA administrators and University central research systems /offices. i.e. SPA, SFR, OAR, OVPR, EGMS, ECRT and others.


Gayle Y Anderson

Grants Management Coordinator