Remodeling & Construction

Remodeling & Construction

Anika serves as a planning and project resource for CLA. She can help you work with the FM Districts, U Construction, Capital Planning & Project Management, outside vendors, and others involved with your project or planning effort.

Contact Anika if your department:

  • Has space challenges or unmet needs
  • Has underutilized or unused space
  • Wants to make changes to its space, whether small:
    • paint, carpet, free-standing furniture, signage, etc.
 Or large:
    • adding/removing doors or walls, systems furniture, etc.
  • Is considering a capital project
  • Needs to address health and safety issues
  • Just wants to discuss ideas and options

Anika welcomes opportunities to collaborate with you and your department!

[ Additional information coming soon! ]

Anika Carlsted with Goldy Gopher

Anika R Carlsted

Assistant Director for
Facilities & Capital Planning