Department Facility Reps

Department Facility Representatives

Did you miss the Facility Roles Consolidation Project update Anika presented at the August 18, 2016 Administrative Insights Meeting (AIM)?

Review the presentation slides to learn more about the project and the role of Department Facility Representative or DRF. A summary of DFR responsibilities is included below.

Facility Roles Consolidation Project - AIM Presentation

New University Facilities Roles


Facilities Role Consolidation Project: 
  • University Services initiative to consolidate, formalize, and standardize points of contact with RRCs, departments (DeptIDs), and each building in order to streamline communications and coordination with University Services functions
  • Roles focus on those of us who manage building access and security, space assignments, emergency planning and communications, facilities maintenance, construction, and capital planning
  • University-wide, complex change effort involving many people and process; there is great variation among departments, colleges, and buildings across the University.


The central Space Management unit maintains the system known as U-Space, which serves as the University's official system of record for space and is the backbone information for both institutional and localized reporting of space data.

Each department's primary DFR is responsible for providing and maintaining up-to-date space, researcher and occupancy information in the U-Space system.

RRC Facility Lead (RRC-FL):

    • Designated representative on facility and campus operations issues, and primary point of contact with University Services units on issues related to facilities management, capital planning, construction, space management, health and safety, public safety, and emergency management
    • Anika Carlsted is CLA's RRC-FL, serving as a member of the University-wide Facilities Lead Group, and advisory sub-group, representing CLA to campus operations leadership

Department Facility Representative (DFR):

    • A department’s primary point of contact with University Services campus operations units and the Primary Building Contact (PBC); see the table below for a summary of DFR responsibilities
    • Appointed by DeptID; up to two individuals, a "primary" and an "alternate," with the only difference being U-Space system access and space data responsibility

Primary Building Contact (PBC)

    • Single point of contact representing building occupants to University Services units; shares information with building DFRs and convenes Building Advisory Committee (BAC)
    • Appointed by building (in process)

   Department Facility Representative (DFR)

  • DeptID point of contact for University Services units
  • Communicates facilities information with DeptID
  • Represents DeptID on Building Advisory Committee
  • Building/DeptID space emergency contact



   Building and Room Access
  • Requests UCard access / keys for DeptID spaces 
  • Ensures access removed / keys returned when applicable
    (Formerly known as the “Department Access Coordinator/DAC”)



   Space Use Information
  • Maintains DeptID’s space use data in U-Space system 
    (U-Space “Departmental Space Coordinator/DSC”)


   Facilities Management Customer Contact
  • Works with FM District and Central Services units regarding DeptID needs for facility-related services



   Public Safety and Emergency Management Partner

  • As a member of Building Advisory Committee, develops, maintains, and implements building emergency plan



As these new University facilities roles and related process changes are rolled out and established, please let Anika know if you have any questions.

Anika Carlsted with Goldy Gopher

Anika R Carlsted

Assistant Director for
Facilities & Capital Planning