Facilities & Space

Facilities & Space

The management of and planning for facilities and space within the College of Liberal Arts is a function of CLA’s Fiscal Administration unit.

Anika Carlsted serves as the Assistant Director for Facilities & Capital Planning and reports to Brent Gustafson, CLA’s Finance Director and CFO.

Anika’s responsibilities include:
  • College-wide long-range space and facilities planning
  • Development of unit space and facilities options
  • Planning and process oversight for new buildings, renovations and remodeling in the college
  • Oversee management, maintenance, safety, and security of space and facilities assigned to CLA
  • Liaison between CLA and other University units such as: Facilities Management, Capital Planning & Project Management, Space Management, Office of Classroom Management, Building Code Division, Environmental Health & Safety
  • RRC Facilities Lead for CLA

CLA Space Facts:
    • CLA’s assigned space portfolio is comprised of 755,000 square feet in 30 buildings on the Minneapolis Campus and 1,800 square feet in 3 buildings in St. Paul
    • Space is not free; CLA will pay $15,476,000 in FY17 for the utilities, debt service, and central facilities services share of our space portfolio

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Anika Carlsted with Goldy Gopher

Anika R Carlsted

Assistant Director for
Facilities & Capital Planning