Donated Funds

Donated Funds

All donations or gifts to the University of Minnesota must be sent to the University of Minnesota Foundation (UMF) for processing. Gifts are recorded in UMF's Donor Management System (DMS).

To gain DMS access to financial information:
  • Visit UMF's DMS login page to review the DMS Access Policy.

  • Complete the DMS Access Request Form and submit the form to Rose Pederson, CLA Fiscal Administration.

  • Access to the following functions is based on role:
    • Fund statements and summaries – to view fund activity for departmental or individual funds
    • Gift Transmittals – to process gifts
    • STAR (Scholarship/Fellowship Tracking and Reporting) – to view scholarship or fellowship recipients and enter spending plans

      • STAR access also requires submitting an Access Request Form (ARF) through ServiceNow with the completed STAR ARF attached.

Who to Contact

Departmental Financial Service Team Accountant
    • First point of contact with questions about Foundation and Treasury funds

    CLA Fiscal Administration  |  Rose Pederson, 612-626-7611
    • General questions about fund use and MOA interpretation
    • Assistance with projections, DMS access and authorized signers, reinvestment strategies, fund changes

    CLA Office of Institutional Advancement  |  Peter Rozga, 612-624-2848
    • To establish a new fund
    • For questions about donors and gifts to funds
    • To connect with your development officer
    University of Minnesota Foundation Accounting  |  Natalie Ysker, 612-625-9826
    • CLA's Foundation contact for financial-related questions

    University of Minnesota Foundation DMS Access  |  Mary O'Brien
    • Questions about DMS, STAR, and Gift Transmittal access and training

    Treasury Accounting, Accounting Services  |
    •  Endowment fund accounting functions

    Scholarship Unit, Office of Student Finance  |
    • Scholarship processing