Budgeting, Planning, & Reporting

Budgeting, Planning, & Reporting

Information for faculty and staff involved in unit budget planning; in PDF format unless otherwise noted.

CLA Budget Planning

CLA Reference Information
  • CLA Fiscal Overview - 08/2015
    • Basic revenue and expenses
    • A closer look at tuition
    • State appropriations
    • What we control, what we don't
    • Cost pools
    • Instructional funding

Reporting Resources

    College of Liberal Arts

    CLARA is the primary home for collegiate and departmental reporting. You must log in to CLARA using your internet ID and password. To request access, go here.

    College of Liberal Arts

    CLAIR provides data on the students, classes, departments, faculty, and staff that make up the College of Liberal Arts. To request access, please email clafiscl@umn.edu.

    University of Minnesota

    The Reporting Center, which replaced the UM Reports homepage, can be found within the MyU portal. From the Reporting Center, you can access UM Reports, UM Analytics, and PeopleSoft enterprise-wide reports by browsing the categories below or filtering by title.

    University of Minnesota

    Explore data and reporting resources available to the University community; organized by content area: student; finance; research; physical asset management; human resources. Find existing and upcoming reporting tools, guidance regarding developing new reports, and common data definitions and standards.

    University of Minnesota

    Visit OIR's site for student, human resource, tuition, and finance data, as well as surveys, assessments, papers, and publications.

    University of Minnesota
    Policy Program
    From the Office of the General Counsel (OGC)

    Repository of University forms, organized by categories. Also listed alphabetically and searchable.

    Holds policies that apply to the entire University system, as well as policies that apply to the Twin Cities campus.

    Standard contracts in this library have already been reviewed and approved by the OGC. Organized by categories and, in some cases, subcategories. Also listed alphabetically and searchable.

    University of Minnesota
    Related Resources

    University of Minnesota Foundation (UMF) Donor Management System (DMS) login.

    ISSS works with all University departments on issues related to international students, staff, and faculty.

    Purchasing Services
    Purchasing Services provides management oversight and facilitation of all University of Minnesota purchasing processes to insure integrity, economy, efficiency, and accountability.