Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Accounts payable business processes, managed by the University's Disbursement Services, include making non-payroll payments to suppliers and employees, vendor maintenance for non-payroll payments, travel advances, emergency checks and foreign payments, and payment corrections. 


Administrative Policy:  Accounts Payable: Paying Non-Payroll Expenses

The University will make payments for allowable non-payroll obligations that are authorized, approved, and compliant with policies and procedures and within the scope of the University's mission. Departments and Clusters are responsible for ensuring that payment processing:
  • is accurate;
  • is paid within the University’s standard payment terms or takes advantage of cash discounts when offered;
  • avoids penalties; and
  • is charged to an appropriate University chartstring.
  • Supports all tax exemptions or requirements where appropriate.

Units must pay employees, suppliers and other payees by the most appropriate payment and purchasing method, per University policy and procedures.

Units providing reimbursement for travel expenses to students (primarily graduate students) to attend a conference or other event that benefits CLA and the University of Minnesota.  A CLA form entitled Departmental Certification Statement for University Business Expenses - Student Reimbursement must be completed and signed by the authorized faculty or unit administrator.  

Units making payments to other internal University units must process accounting entries in EFS to record these transactions, check/cash payments are not allowed.

Job Aids

Policies, procedures, and job aids, including the following, are available from Disbursement Services's Accounts Payable site:


The following payables-related forms can be found in the University Forms Library:
    • University of Minnesota Tax Exemption Certificate ST3: BA 1358
    • Payments with no invoice require a Check Request Form (CRF): UM 1659
    • Payments via wire or foreign currency draft require the Foreign Payment Request form: UM 1732
    • Payments needing special handling (check needs to be picked up at Morrill Hall Information Desk and/or documents need to be sent with the check) require a completed Check Handling Request form: UM 1680
    • Payments needing to be accelerated beyond the normal net 30 or vendor specific payment terms require a completed Express Payment Request form: UM 1734
            (Same day checks cost $21 and must have an approved voucher in place by 1:00 p.m. Next day or later checks are free.)
    • Stop Payment / Check Copy Request form: UM 1733
    • Single Payment Vendor Number Request form: UM 1676
            (See Single Payment Supplier Payments Types Allowed for SPV and SPVSTUDENT guidelines.)
    • Internal Sales Voucher Request form: UM 1672
    • To establish a vendor's participation in automated payments (direct deposit), the Vendor ACH Authorization Agreement is required.
    • Statement in Lieu of Receipt form: UM 1566