Welcome to the ‘CLA Neighborhood’!

Yes, you could call this the new CLA Intranet, but why be so formal? Helpful neighbors make for a great neighborhood, and the Neighborhood is here to help you get things done.

This new neighborhood is a revitalization effort, however. In other words, this is a beta site. We would appreciate any and all feedback. You’ll find a feedback link located at the bottom of every page. Most content from the previous site is already here, but there is still some content to be re-organized, migrated, or created. If you have a need to go to the old intranet site, it is still available for you to use.

CLA Intranet

The project team leading this effort is comprised of Christopher Stordalen, Colleen Ware, Sara Danzinger. We look forward the continued work in making this a great new resource for the CLA community.

What's New


Each CLA administrative unit now also has a Google calendar to document events, deadlines, and collegiate meetings. You can add these Google calendars to your own account to keep track of important events and deadlines pertaining to your unit (example: budget deadlines) but you will also have access here in The Neighborhood on the specific unit's page.


Each office will post announcements through their homepage. The announcements won’t be deleted and will remain for people to refer back to in the future. Some announcements may also be shared through other internal communications like CLA Enews and CLA NOW.

Content Coordinators

Each administrative unit has a content coordinator who will ensure that its content receives regular reviews and is updated promptly.

Knowledge Base

A knowledge base is any system containing a collection of best practices, standards, demonstrations, etc. for the benefit of a defined set of people. A knowledge base for the CLA community has been started and will continue to grow over time. You will find it on the right hand side of any of the unit home pages in the "Commonly Used Resources".