So what is the Criminal Justice League?
We are a law school student group at the University of Minnesota. We are interested in the interaction of the social sciences with criminal law and in current criminal justice issues.

What is the group's function?
Our aim is to (a) provide a forum for those interested in
Criminal Justice issues and the philosophy of criminal law (b) to facilitate discourse between students and criminal law practitioners (c) and to collaborate with NGOs and legal organizations to provide volunteer opportunities to the membership. We also hope to provide a medium through which the criminal law faculty can engage students in criminal law related events hosted by the law school and to encourage greater involvement on the part of the students with this department.

Upcoming Events
Perspectives of Prosecutor

Join CJL and Robina Institute in welcoming Robert Johnson for a talk on the Perspectives of Prosecutor. Event held over lunch hour on Wednesday November 12, 2014 in room 45. Also join us in eating Mesa pizza.

Robert M.A. Johnson began work as a prosecutor in 1968 and was the elected Anoka County Attorney from 1983 through 2010. He is past-president of the National District Attorneys Association, the Minnesota County Attorneys Association, the Anoka County Bar Association, and served as chair of the Minnesota Financial Crimes Task Force. He is past chair of the Criminal Justice Section of the American Bar Association. He was a member of the Board of Governors of the Minnesota State Bar Association and served in the Minnesota National Guard from 1968 to 2003. He served on the boards of the University of Minnesota Foundation, the Council on Crime and Justice, and the International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law, and serves on the Judicial Selection Commission for the Tenth Judicial District. He has worked on projects with ALI, Vera, NCCUSL, CSG, NIC, BJA and other organizations. Mr. Johnson was granted his BSB, University of Minnesota, 1965, and his JD, University of Minnesota Law School, 1968.


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