Libraries 101
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Libraries 101 at CSE Annual Meeting in San Antonio 2014

Libraries 101: It's Not Your Mother's Library

Presented by:

  • Rajia Tobia, Executive Director of Libraries, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
  • Joan Heath, Associate Vice President and University Librarian, Texas State University
  • Diane Graves, Assistant Vice President for Information Resources, University Librarian, Trinity University

2014 Council of Science Editors Annual Meeting

May 2-5, 2014

San Antonio, Texas

 June 9, 2014

Other Resources
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Poster Presentation at Medical Library Association's May 2015 Meeting Chicago Collaborative Poster MLA - PowerPoint Presentation
 May 2015
Communicating Research Developments Through Publication
 PowerPoint Presentation
 October, 2014
SHARE Information 

SHARE: SHared Access Research Ecosystem

 July 5, 2013; updated April 27, 2016
CHORUS InformationCHORUS: Clearinghouse for the Open Research of the United States.
 July 5, 2013
Interagency Public Access Coordination A report to congress on the coordination of policies related to the dissemination and long-term stewardship of the results of federally funded scientific research. May 1, 2012
Open sesame: the Economist article on academic publishing"Open Sesame -When research is funded by the taxpayer or by charities, the results should be available to all without charge" -The Economist, April 14, 2012
 April 30, 2012

Presentations and Other Meetings
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 Poster Presentation at Medical Library Association's May 2015 Meeting Announcement
 Poster Presentation
 April 27, 2016
 Council of Science Editors 2011 meeting
Council of Science Editors presentations (web link) Nov 10, 2012
 Positioning the Profession: STM Publishing Slides used for MLA CE Course presentation, May 19, 2012, Seattle, WA
 May 26, 2012
 CC at Charleston SC Presentation Chicago Collaborative at Charleston PowerPoint presentation
 April 25, 2012
 NASIG June 2009 PowerPoint Presentation
 April 25, 2012
 Presentation: CC at STM 2 Chicago Collaborative at STM 2
 April 25, 2012
About the Chicago Collaborative

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Press release 04/09/09PDF of press release
April 24, 2012
FAQ (March 2009)CC FAQ final draft in Word format
April 25, 2012
Rules of Engagement Word documentApril 24, 2012
Final CC Brochure Final version of printed brochure in PDF format, May 2011April 25, 2012
CC Framework Chicago Collaborative framework (final draft) in Word formatApril 25, 2012
CC Statement of Purpose (April 2009)Word document from 4/2009April 25, 2012
March 2009 press releaseChicago Collaborative: New Working Group Will Address the Grand Challenges of Scientific CommunicationMay 29, 2012

Bio-Med Publishing 101
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Biomed Publishing 101 Sapporo

Slide show on communicating research findings through the publication process

Sapporo Medical University


April 25, 2012