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The Chicago Collaborative
Addressing the Grand Challenges & Opportunities of Scholarly
Scientific Communication

February 4, 2009, updated April 25, 2016

1) How is the Chicago Collaborative different from other efforts to encourage regular ongoing discussions among publishers and librarians?

The Collaborative brings together representatives from STM publisher, editor, and librarian organizations to discuss challenging issues, educational efforts, and recommendations that highlight commonalities and a shared purpose that centers on broad issues of scholarly scientific communication. The specialized subject focus provides a shared background and showcases the spirit of cooperation and collaboration prominent among organizations of STM, editors, and librarians.

2) How will this effort be sustained in the future?

One of the goals of the Chicago Collaborative is to develop sustainable mechanisms for ongoing conversations and actions among STM publisher, editor, and librarian communities that do not follow the traditional buyer/seller models. The Collaborative operates as an enhancement to existing publisher/editor user advisory boards and librarian sponsored forums.  Each member organization contributes to the funding needed to hold two meetings per year, including fees for facilities, speakers, meals and administrative support.

3) Why is AAHSL the sponsoring organization of the Collaborative?

AAHSL is the organization which hosted the first planning meeting that led to establishment of the Chicago Collaborative. AAHSL members serve in key positions in academic health centers whose faculty and administrators make choices directly affecting the scholarly scientific communication process. Representatives at the May 22, 2008,  planning meeting requested that AAHSL serve as the initial sponsoring organization until a sustainable infrastructure is established.

4) Where can I find Chicago Collaborative documents, statements, recommendations?

Documentation is available on the Chicago Collaborative website under the About and Resources tabs.

5) How can I contact the Chicago Collaborative if I have questions or comments?

Email the co-convenors

6) Who are the founding organizations of the Chicago Collaborative?

    The following are the founding organizations of the Chicago Collaborative: