The Certified Approver Community of Practice represents a group of professionals, informally bound to one another through exposure to common tasks, topics, and problems surrounding Sponsored Project activities.  The Certified Approver Community of Practice endeavors to connect these professionals within the University of Minnesota, through informal exchanges, to capitalize on in-house talent and expertise to develop solutions, stimulate learning, and share knowledge in the common pursuit of successful Sponsored Projects management. 


The scope of the CA Community of Practice may include knowledge repositories, technical problem and solution discussions, and strategic tools, based on the participation of the CA community as a whole. Membership may be global or based on subject matter groupings.


Content will be contributed by the Certified Approver Community of Practice membership and will be dependent upon involvement. Appointed and volunteer facilitators will assist to maintain network distribution lists, encourage standard formatting and naming conventions, monitor network and discussion boards for code of conduct issues and effectiveness, and periodically notify members about new or updated content.