CEHD Poster Session Resources

In-Class Resources
These are the resources from the Feb 13th Coffee Break for Grants, including the slides.
Poster template (Incomplete, for use with class exercises)
Red panda photo

Poster Design and UMN Resources

CEHD Large Format Printing Instructions
The CEHD large-format poster printer is available for the use of all Research Day presenters at no cost. Dean's Office staff will be available from Tuesday, March 14 to Thursday, March 20 to help you get your poster set up and use the printer.  Please sign up for a 15-minute time slot at http://z.umn.edu/posterprinter.  Available time slots are in white, unavailable times are shaded.  Once someone has entered in their name and contact information, that time is unavailable.

Please observe the following guidelines when creating your poster. Note: these instructions are for 2013 Research Day only. For all other poster printing, please see the instructions on the CEHD Sky.
  • Create your poster in PowerPoint. Be sure to enter the dimension of your poster in the Design>>Page Setup.  (If you are familiar with InDesign or other publishing programs, please feel free to use those to create a PDF of your poster.)
  • The widest your poster can be is 42″.  The height is unlimited, but keep in mind that the Research Day presentation space is 48" tall.
  • Use high resolution photos and graphics that are 300 dpi at the size you will use them in your finished poster to prevent pixelation. PowerPoint also has good graph and chart making tools that will create sharp graphics that can be edited and scaled without losing quality.
  • Save your poster as a PDF to a flash drive.
  • To print your poster, come to 104 Burton Hall at the time slot you've signed up for.  Bring the flash drive with the PDF copy of your poster and a laptop in case changes need to be made.
  • E-mail a final PDF copy of your poster to Ellen Freeman at efreeman@umn.edu.  Posters and abstracts will be posted on the CEHD Research Day website after the event.