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HR Deadlines & Important Dates:

Fall Appointments:
Papaya deadline for Fall appointments effective 08/28/2017 is Friday, August 4th.
Fall Appointment refresher training will be held on Thursday, July 20th at 10:00am in 227 Burton Hall.

Recent HR Announcements: 

08/18/2017 Friday Connection:

Fall Planning Guide

OHR has updated its Fall Planning Guide to help gear up for a new school year. The guide offers tips and reminders on Position Management, Recruiting, Appointments, Benefits, Time and Absence, and Payroll Accounting. You can also find the guide on the Recently Updated Materials page of the HRMS Instruction website.

I-9 Help Sessions Set for August 29th & 30th

With the new academic year approaching, Payroll Services has scheduled two on-campus help sessions for I-9 processing of foreign national employees:

Tuesday, August 29, 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m., Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Room 25

Wednesday, August 30, 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m., Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Room 50B


Also, the Foreign National Employee Support desk on the fifth floor of the West Bank Office Building will offer special walk-in hours from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. from Monday, August 28, through Friday, September 8. Appointments will not be taken during those two weeks.


Please remind new foreign national employees that they must bring the following valid (non-expired) documents with them to Payroll Services:

  • Passport with visa

  • I-94

  • I-20 or DS2019

  • Social Security number or receipt from Social Security

  • Offer letter (for correct start date)

08/04/2017 Friday Connection:

Absence Requests

Employees can now cancel a vacation, personal holiday, or comp time absence request themselves. To do so, the absence request must be in a Saved, Submitted, Approved, or Pushed Back status. Until now, employees and supervisors would need to go to their unit absence administrator to cancel an absence. The cancellation of an absence will be routed to the employee's supervisor for approval.

The updated job aids Approving Absence Request or Absence Cancellation Request and Editing or Canceling an Absence Request can be found on the Recently Updated page of the HRMS Instruction website.

07/28/2017 Friday Connection:

Papaya Reminder

Papayas are due next Friday, August 4th for fall appointments with an effective date of 08/28/2017!


Effective August 1, 2017 Payroll Services will only seek repayment for overpayments in excess of $100.00. All overpayments under $100.00 will not be collected.

CEHD HR SKY Intranet Update:

Recruiting Solutions

We have reorganized the HR SKY website and re-added the Recruiting Solutions page! This page includes general RS resources, resources for Unit Recruiters, and resources on job postings.

Offer Template Letters

We have updated template letters for the following:  

  • P&A Template letter to reflect new benefit links for 2017 (old links no longer worked as they were 2016 information)

  • Academic Temp Cas template letter

    • This includes language on instructional Academic Temp Cas appointments

AFSCME Contracts:

The new BU contracts (effective 07/01/17) have not yet been finalized as they are still being negotiated.  Until the new contracts are finalized and put into effect, continue to use the current contract’s terms and conditions as listed on the OHR site here.  This also means that for any new hires, use the pay rates assigned to steps with the effective date of 06/13/16 in the contract (this is the most recent/updated rate available).  As soon as the new contracts are completed, we’ll be sure to send out an announcement.

Temp Agencies:

The University contracts with temporary staff agencies when temporary services are needed for clerical, financial, and legal work.  Effective July 1, the University has contracts with the following two temp services:

  • Russell Tobin & Associates:  this is a new partnership

  • Kelly Services:  has been contracted with the University for 5 years

The University no longer has an agreement with Adecco. Units with a current placement from Adecco may continue to use that resource until the end of the existing purchase order.  More information on temp staffing agencies can be found on the OHR site here.  Please partner with CEHD HR if you have questions on needing and/or using temp services.

Units No Longer Need to Complete Paper MSRS Enrollment Forms

The central OHR Total Compensation has been working with the Minnesota State Retirement System (MSRS) and our HRMS team to automate the enrollment information sent to MSRS each pay period. Until now, employees have had to complete paper enrollment forms when they became eligible for MSRS. However, because the information required by MSRS is housed in our HRMS system, we have modified the biweekly data file to include this information. As a result, departments and new employees no longer have to complete the paper MSRS enrollment forms.

07/21/2017 Friday Connection:

On Friday, July 21, our HR Team will be out of the office attending a retreat beginning at 9:00 am until the end of the day.  We will respond to messages on Monday.

07/14/2017 Friday Connection:

Some of you may have heard that recently the city of Minneapolis approved an increase to the minimum wage.  More information on this change can be found here.  Please know that the University of Minnesota and state and federal employees are exempt from these city ordinances.  Therefore, this change will not affect University employees.

06/30/2017 Friday Connection:


Appointment Letter Reminder

Please remember to send into ImageNow/Perceptive Content your signed summer appointment offer letters.  Not sure what should be imaged?  Check out our resources online here.  


Recruiting Solutions Reminders


FY17 Blanket Posting Reminder

A friendly reminder for units to have old blanket postings closed out once all hires have been made. For more information on closing out blanket postings and creating new blanket postings, refer to this guide here.


Closing out Job Postings Open Past 90 Days

We’ve been noticing a number of job postings that have been open for more than 90 days. Please remember that for non-blanket job postings, they should be filled or closed out in less than 90 days. To close out postings, make sure all applicant dispositions have been updated first, then email Zang Lee at leex6644@umn.edu.

06/16/2017 Friday Connection:


Personal Holiday Reminders

Use it or lose it! Employees eligible for a personal holiday can use their FY 2017 accrual until June 30. Personal holiday accruals do not carry over to the new fiscal year.


FY 2018 personal holidays will accrue on July 1. The Absence Management system won't accept an absence request for the FY18 personal holiday until it accrues. As a result, employees who want to use their personal holiday right away in July should discuss that with their supervisor and then submit the request to the system after it has accrued on July 1.


Please remember that Personal Holidays are a replacement for a scheduled University Holiday and must be taken in full-day increments.

Papaya Reminder

The final Summer Papaya deadline is next Friday, June 23rd for appointments with an effective date of 07/10/2017.

06/09/2017 Friday Connection:


Salary Conversions

We are seeing some errors in salary base conversions. Please follow the Salary Base Conversion job aid when performing these calculations. The job aid can be found in the Payroll/ HRMS section on on the HR Sky.

05/26/2017 Friday Connection:

Exit Interview

We are seeing a significantly lower number of completed CEHD exit interviews so far this year.  Please remember to send departing employees the updated 2017 Qualtrics survey link.  This link is different from the 2016 survey link.  All info can be found here on the Sky.

Faculty, P&A, and Civil Service Annual Merit Letters

CEHD HR, FSO and AIT are working on the annual merit letters. Again, this year we will be asking unit administrators to review the letters for accuracy before they are sent out. Instructions will be coming out next week, with a goal of getting the letters mailed to employees by June 10th. Questions should be directed to your HR Partner.

05/19/2017 Friday Connection:

Payroll Reminders:

Phased Retirement

Please remember to submit a Retirement Papaya for employees who are ending their Phased Retirements this fiscal year.

Employees currently on a Phased Retirement need a Papaya & PM request submitted every time their Phased Retirement percentage changes.

Faculty Leaves

Don't forget to submit a Papaya to return your employees from a Sabbatical or Single Semester leave!

9 over 12 forms

New requests for 9 over 12 are due by Friday, May 26th! Completed forms should be sent to cehdhr@umn.edu.

05/12/2017 Friday Connection:

Verifying Highest Degree

We recently completed a clean up and have identified several academic P&A and Faculty employees whose highest degrees have not been verified. We’d like to remind you how important it is (and required) for all academic hires to have their highest degree(s) verified. Refer to our HR SKY website here for more information on the process and details.

FY18 Graduate Assistant Pay Rates

The new fiscal year rates for GAs have been added the the HR Sky under the Compensation section here.

Papaya Reminder

Keep those summer appointments coming! Papayas are due next Friday, May 19th for appointments with an effective date of 06/12/2017.

05/05/2017 Friday Connection:

Employee Engagement

Leadership and Talent Development recently held a widely attended “Tools for Supervisors” event in April.  If you were unable to attend, we’ve included some of the wonderful resources on our HR Sky here.  

The next E2 Employee Engagement Survey will be distributed this fall in October, but employee engagement happens every day - not just when it’s survey time.  Check out this quick and easy list of things you can do as a manager to engage your employees each day!

Also don’t forget about the great supervisory training resources available for you and those on your team who supervise others. OHR has developed online training modules focused on different areas of supervision which are effective and helpful. Please take time to review these modules yourself and share them with other managers, including faculty who supervise others.  More info can be found here.

Papaya Reminder

Papayas are due next Friday, May 12th for summer appointments with an effective date of 05/29/2017.

04/28/2017 Friday Connection:

ImageNow/Perceptive Content Update

Beginning April 23, 2017, users are now required to use VPN to access WebNow from off campus. This ensures that access to University data from off campus is protected and secured. Please note: VPN is not required for users accessing WebNow from on campus.

Please visit the VPN website to download a supported VPN client and access setup instructions.

If you need further assistance with VPN or have questions about WebNow, contact the Technology Help Service Desk (1HELP): http://it.umn.edu/help or 612-301-4357.

Recruiting Solutions (RS) Update

The hiring process chart for hiring through RS has been updated on our HR SKY here in the Hiring an Employee, Post & Recruit section. The highlighted changes were made for Steps 5, 9, 10 and 12. These changes were made for better consistency and to update RS terminology from the upgrade earlier in the year.

Hiring Reminders - Background Checks

It is officially the “busy season” for central OHR as they process background checks for summer appointment hiring. As a friendly reminder, please allow extra time for your background check requests to be processed.

How long does it take for background checks to be processed and cleared?
  • Standard background checks: Approximately 3-5 days
  • International background checks: Approximately 5-8 days
This is all contingent upon the individual you are requesting a background check for.

Papaya Reminder

Papayas are due next Friday, May 5th for summer appointments with an effective date of 05/22/2017.

To view older HR announcements, click here.