CDC Photos Collaborative Website

Welcome to the Charles Babbage Institute's experimental collaborative site for photographs of the Control Data Corporation's history.  We created this site for several reasons.  One, we think that you, the former CDC employees, will be able to help us a great deal with identifying people and places from the history of your company.  Second, and just as important, though, we wanted to create a community gathering place for people interested in the history of CDC and the history of computing.

We owe thanks to Sandy Holt and others who came to CBI in the fall to do research for CDC's 50th anniversary celebration.  Without their enthusiasm, we would never have thought of beginning a project like this one.

As you might know, this is only a small sample of the hundreds of CDC photos we have at CBI, many of which will eventually be available online in a database.  Anyone is welcome to come visit  us and look at the collection in person.

To view each individual photo, click on the individual photo links in the left navigation sidebar.  Each page contains one photo.  Please leave your comments about the photos down at the bottom of the pages, under "Comments."  That way, we'll be able to facilitate great discussions about all of the images.  Feel free to reminisce and tell stories!  We really appreciate your participation.

I've listed a few guiding questions under each image, but if you have different information, please share it as well.

**If you have not yet been given access to this site, please send me an email at to let me know that you would like to be able to add comments.**

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