About Campus Codefest



Campus Codefest is an recurring University of Minnesota staff event where participants work together for a couple of days on stuff that matters to them.

The primary goal of the event is to grow the UMN software development community by bringing people together and giving them an opportunity to collaborate. It is also intended to facilitate the dissemination of new development technologies and approaches as well as to get everybody to think about IT concerns beyond their own organizations.

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Camp Format

Projects are submitted and ranked by the community via an online idea pool and then are pitched on the first day of the camp by a selected set of project owners. Camp participants ask project owners in-depth questions about their projects in three rounds of project "speed dating." Camp participants then decide which projects on which they would like to work. Participants are encouraged to explore and contribute to multiple projects throughout the event.

CCF 2013 Data Points

The first CCF event took place in August 2013. There were 80 attendees from 21 departments. Out of 32 project ideas submitted, 14 were selected and worked on during the event.
  • 107 Registrations
  • 80 Attendees
  • 32 Projects Submitted
  • 14 Projects Selected
  • 48 pizzas consumed

Summer 2013 Projects

1. Campus Connector API

2. Resource Scheduler - Craig Gjerdingen

3. Student Worker Scheduler - Max Fierke

4. Chef Workshop - Josh Buysse

5. Other + U of Memes - Joel Schuweiler

6. Develop with Security - Ben Allen

7. ESUP Migration Mapping - Joe Goggins

8. Hack on Moodle and MOOCs - Jeffrey Kerzner, Alison Link

9. DAM Sprint - Chad Fennell

10. Campus Maps - Nick Rosencrans

11. Shibboleth - Michael Berkowski

12. api.umn.edu - Ben Demaree

13. Org Charts - Chris Dinger, Tonu Mikk

14. Community Knowledge Management - Ilya Begelman/David Peterson, Tony Thomas