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Olá Seja Bem-Vindo

Through inspiration of the culture and environment of Brazil I decided to finish my undergraduate degree in this stunning country. I saw a problem with the study abroad option in Brazil through my Univeristy in that, it was too tailored leaving no room for exploration. Through outreach and research ideas I developed an independent environmental program in Brazil. My goal is to develop strong relationships between Brazilian and Minnesotan Students while inspiring people to live abroad with a deep purpose, not just study abroad. I am completing environmental research to adapt a flood and erosion prediction model for the soils and climate of Brazil. This new collaboration between the University of Minnesota and the Federal University of Santa Maria will be a sustainable way to exchange knowledge and information. For one year I will be documenting my experience through blog posts, videos, photographs and articles for the Star Tribune of Minneapolis. You can connect with Brazilians or Minnesotans by visiting Brazilesotan on facebook as well. Feel free to message or email me with any questions - it's what I am here for.


Andrew Morrison
email: morri845@umn.edu

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