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Recent Articles on Peer-reviewed Journals:
  • Choi, J. and Bischof, J., 2017. Thermal thresholds of cardiovascular HL-1 cell destruction by cryothermal exposure. Cryobiology.   LINK

  • Manuchehrabadi, N., Gao, Z., Zhang, J., Ring, H.L., Shao, Q., Liu, F., Mcdermott, M., Fok, A., Rabin, Y., Brockbank, K.G. and Garwood, M., 2017. Improved tissue cryopreservation using inductive heating of magnetic nanoparticles. Science translational medicine9(379).    LINK
  • Goff, R.P., Quallich, S.G., Buechler, R.A., Bischof, J.C. and Iaizzo, P.A., 2017. Determination of cryothermal injury thresholds in tissues impacted by cardiac cryoablation. Cryobiology.    LINK
  • H. Natesan, J. C. Bischof, 2016, "Multi-Scale Thermal Property Measurements for Biomedical Application" ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering, 2016.    LINK
  • Wang, Y., Qin, Z., Boulware, D.R., Pritt, B.S., Sloan, L.M., González, I.J., Bell, D., Rees-Channer, R.R., Chiodini, P., Chan, W.C. and Bischof, J.C., 2016. Thermal Contrast Amplification Reader Yielding 8-Fold Analytical Improvement for Disease Detection with Lateral Flow Assays. Analytical Chemistry88(23), pp.11774-11782.    LINK
  • Hurley, K.R., Ring, H.L., Etheridge, M., Zhang, J., Gao, Z., Shao, Q., Klein, N.D., Szlag, V.M., Chung, C., Reineke, T.M. and Garwood, M., 2016. Predictable heating and positive MRI contrast from a mesoporous silica-coated iron oxide nanoparticle. Molecular pharmaceutics13(7), pp.2172-2183.    LINK
  • Qin, Z., Wang, Y., Randrianalisoa, J., Raeesi, V., Chan, W.C., Lipiński, W. and Bischof, J.C., 2016. Quantitative Comparison of Photothermal Heat Generation between Gold Nanospheres and Nanorods. Scientific Reports6.    LINK
  • Natesan, H., Hodges, W., Choi, J., Lubner, S., Dames, C. and Bischof, J., 2016. A Micro-Thermal Sensor for Focal Therapy Applications. Scientific reports6.    LINK

Recent Book Chapters:
  • Natesan, H., Choi, J., Lubner, S., Dames, C. and Bischof, J., 2016. Multi-scale thermal conductivity measurements for cryobiological applications. In Multiscale Technologies for Cryomedicine: Implementation from Nano to Macroscale (pp. 125-171)    LINK
  • Choi, J., Kumar, S.B., Jiang-Hughes, S. and Bischof, J.C., 2016. The Effect of Cold Temperatures on Biological Systems. In Dermatological Cryosurgery and Cryotherapy (pp. 19-36). Springer London.    LINK
  • Jordan, A., Etheridge, M.L. and Bischof, J.C., 2012. Magnetic nanoparticles for cancer therapy. In Physics of Thermal Therapy: Fundamentals and Clinical Applications (pp. 293-318). Taylor & Francis.    LINK
  • Qin, Z. and Bischof, J.C., 2012. Application of Gold Nanoparticle in Laser Thermal Therapy, Ch. 17 in The Physics of Thermal Therapy. CRC Press, New York, NY. Edited by Moros EG. (pp. 319–338)    LINK