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Recent Articles on Peer-reviewed Journals:
  • Measurement of Specific Heat and Crystallization in VS55, DP6, and M22 Cryoprotectant Systems With and Without Sucrose.S Phatak, H Natesan, J Choi, KGM Brockbank, JC Bischof, Biopreservation and Biobanking, 2018. LINK
  • Ferrozine Assay for Simple and Cheap Iron Analysis of Silica-Coated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles.H Ring, Z Gao, ND Klein, M Garwood, JC Bischof, CL Haynes.ChemRxiv, 2018. LINK
  • Ultrarapid Inductive Rewarming of Vitrified Biomaterials with Thin Metal Forms.N Manuchehrabadi, M Shi, P Roy, Z Han, J Qiu, F Xu, TJ Lu, J Bischof, Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 2018,1-13. LINK
  • From Nanowarming to Thermoregulation: New Multiscale Applications of Bioheat Transfer. JC Bischof, KR Diller, Annual review of biomedical engineering, 2018, 20, 301-327. LINK
  • Cryopreservation by Vitrification: A Promising Approach for Transplant Organ Banking. EB Finger, JC Bischof, Current Opinion in Organ Transplantation, 2018, 23 (3), 353-360. LINK
  • Biomaterial Scaffolds for Non-invasive Focal Hyperthermia as A Potential Tool to Ablate Metastatic Cancer Cells. F Pelaez, N Manuchehrabadi, P Roy, H Natesan, Y Wang, E Racila, H Fong, K Zeng, AM Silbaugh, JC Bischof, SM Azarin, Biomaterials, 2018, 166, 27-37. LINK
  • The Role of Protein Loss and Denaturation in Determining Outcomes of Heating, Cryotherapy, and Irreversible Electroporation on Cardiomyocytes. F Liu, P Roy, Q Shao, C Jiang, J Choi, C Chung, D Mehra, JC Bischof, Journal of biomechanical engineering, 2018, 140 (6), 061007. LINK
  • In vivo Imaging of Electrical Properties of An Animal Tumor Model with An 8‐channel Transceiver Array at 7 T Using Electrical Properties Tomography. J Liu, Q Shao, Y Wang, G Adriany, J Bischof, V de Moortele, B He,Magnetic resonance in medicine, 2017, 78 (6), 2157-2169 LINK
  • The role of nanoparticle design in determining analytical performance of lateral flow immunoassays. L Zhan, S Guo, F Song, Y Gong, F Xu, DR Boulware, MC McAlpine, WC Wang, JC Bischof Nano letters, 2017,17(12), pp.7207-7212. LINK

  • Physical and Chemical Enhancement of and Adaptive Resistance to Irreversible Electroporation of Pancreatic Cancer. Q Shao, F Liu, C Chung, K Elahi-Gedwillo, PP Provenzano, B Forsyth, JC Bischof, Ann Biomed Eng. 2017.  46 (1), 25-36. LINK

  • Gold Nanorod Induced Warming of Embryos from the Cryogenic State Enhances Viability.K Khosla, Y Wang, M Hagedorn, Z Qin, J Bischof, ACS Nano, 2017, 11 (8), 7869-7878. LINK

  • Thermal thresholds of cardiovascular HL-1 cell destruction by cryothermal exposure. J Choi, J Bischof, Cryobiology, 2017, 78, 115-118.  LINK

  • Improved tissue Cryopreservation Using Inductive Heating of Magnetic Nanoparticles. N Manuchehrabadi, Z Gao, J Zhang, HL Ring, Q Shao, F Liu,   M Mcdermott, A Fok,Y Rabin, KG Brockbank, M Garwood, CJ Haynes, JC Bischof, Science translational medicine, 2017, 9(379).    LINK
  • Determination of Cryothermal Injury Thresholds in Tissues Impacted by Cardiac Cryoablation. RP Goff, SG Quallich, RA Buechler, JC Bischof, PA Iaizzo, Cryobiology, 2017, 75, 125-133.  LINK
  • Multi-Scale Thermal Property Measurements for Biomedical Application. H Natesan, JC Bischof, ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering, 2016. 3 (11), 2669-2691.   LINK
  • Thermal Contrast Amplification Reader Yielding 8-Fold Analytical Improvement for Disease Detection with Lateral Flow Assays. Y Wang, Z Qin, DR Boulware, BS Pritt, LM Sloan, IJ González, D Bell, RR Rees-Channer, P Chiodini, WC Wang, JC Bischof, Analytical Chemistry, 2016, 88(23), pp.11774-11782.    LINK
  • Predictable heating and positive MRI contrast from a mesoporous silica-coated iron oxide nanoparticle. KR Hurley, HL Ring, M Etheridge, J Zhang, Z Gao, Q Shao, ND Klein, VM Szlag, Chung, C. TM Reineke, M Garwood, JC Bischof, CJ Haynes, Molecular pharmaceutics, 2016, 13(7), pp.2172-2183.    LINK
  • Quantitative Comparison of Photothermal Heat Generation between Gold Nanospheres and Nanorods. Z Qin, Y Wang, J Randrianalisoa, V Raeesi, WCW Chan, W Lipiński, JC bischof, Scientific Reports, 2016, 6, 29836. LINK
  • A Micro-Thermal Sensor for Focal Therapy Applications. H Natesan, W Hodges, J Choi, S Lubner, C Dames, J Bischof, Scientific reports, 2016, 6, 21395.   LINK

Recent Book Chapters:
  • Natesan, H. Bischof, J., 2018. Micro‐and Nanoscale Calorimetry for Biomedical Applications in Theory and Applications of Heat Transfer in Humans 1, 393-431. LINK
  • Natesan, H., Choi, J., Lubner, S., Dames, C. and Bischof, J., 2016. Multi-scale thermal conductivity measurements for cryobiological applications. In Multiscale Technologies for Cryomedicine: Implementation from Nano to Macroscale (pp. 125-171)    LINK
  • Choi, J., Kumar, S.B., Jiang-Hughes, S. and Bischof, J.C., 2016. The Effect of Cold Temperatures on Biological Systems. In Dermatological Cryosurgery and Cryotherapy (pp. 19-36). Springer London.    LINK
  • Jordan, A., Etheridge, M.L. and Bischof, J.C., 2012. Magnetic nanoparticles for cancer therapy. In Physics of Thermal Therapy: Fundamentals and Clinical Applications (pp. 293-318). Taylor & Francis.    LINK
  • Qin, Z. and Bischof, J.C., 2012. Application of Gold Nanoparticle in Laser Thermal Therapy, Ch. 17 in The Physics of Thermal Therapy. CRC Press, New York, NY. Edited by Moros EG. (pp. 319–338)    LINK