Online Diagnosis

Can the Internet help you figure out what is wrong when you are ill? 

Maybe - the Internet provides all types of services, some sites provide background information that might be useful to take to your next doctor's appointment while other services provide low-cost online consultations.   Be sure to use caution before following advice or paying money to agencies found online - it is always important to get a final opinion from your doctor.

Online Health Information - WebMD

WebMD is among the leading sources on the Internet for health and medical news and information.  Some of the most visited WebMD pages are explained below.

Symptom Checker

The WebMD symptom checker is a online tool that allows you to get basic diagnostic information by clicking on the part of the human body that is bothering you.  Based on the area that is hurting and your answers to follow-up questions, you will receive a list of potential diagnoses.

Health Conditions & Communities

Health Conditions and Communities
allows you to research information about common ailments, illnesses, and injuries.  Not only does this site provide useful information, it compiles recent articles, and provides a second at the end for community discussion.

Drugs & Supplements

The Drugs and Supplements section can be used to find out information about your prescriptions.   Each section contains a drug overview, warnings, uses, side effects, precautions, and information about what to do in case of an accidental overdose.

Online Clinics

Unlike WebMD, most online clinics are connected to non-profit hospitals and health organizations and treat and provide prescriptions for common illnesses.

Zipnosis is connected to Park Nicollet hospitals.   For $25.00, they can diagnosis and provide instant prescriptions for common conditions such as Cold and Flu, Sinus Infections, Sore Throat, Acne, Allergies, Cold/Canker Sores, Urinary Tract Infections, Yeast Infections, and quitting smoking.

How does it work?
Zipnosis asks you questions and sends your answers to a licensed clinician.  Within an hour, you will get a diagnosis and if appropriate, a prescription can be sent to a local pharmacist.  Invoices can be submitted to your insurance company, but Zipnosis

Virtuwell is connected to Health Partners, treats over 30 common conditions and costs the lesser of $40 or your regular co-pay.  With Virtual, you are guaranteed a diagnosis from a nurse practitioner within 30 minutes.