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PI: Robert S. Jones, Associate Professor
School of Dentistry, University of Minnesota

Group and Collaborators

Dr. Alison Seamans-Group
John Clifford -Group
Dr. Jake Bailey-Collaborator
Dr. Beverley Flood-Collaborator
Dr. Ashley Breiland-Collaborator/Group

B-A-M Lab is our lab nickname based on our commitment to not only examine the single species caries causative bacteria but to understand how Biofilms affect Apatite substrates and the multiple personalities of complex Microbiomes.   We have developed core competencies in near infrared imaging of biofilms, analyzing biofilms communities through 16S sequencing, examining biofilm gene expression, and developing topical therapies.

We are focused mainly on developing how to augment current topical based strategies to reduce biofilm coverage or mitigate the effects of biofilms exposed to sucrose.  Our lab collaborates on several projects related to caries, biomaterials, and pediatric oral health.   

We also understand the needs of industry.   We appreciate the need to have a targeted approach and quick turn around for industry projects.  We honor non-disclosure and prize making contributions to oral health in a behind-the-scenes role.  

    • University Imaging Center 
    • University of Minnesota Genomics Center
    • Clinical and Translational Research Institute


    NCBI Collection click here
Lab Highlights 

Click image to go to our intro video for our publication in Biotechnology and Bioengineering.

Also Check out some of our Online Biofilm Removal Images that are supplemental videos in B&B Journal  (Click for Image for link to Movie-must have access to journal).

Examination of Sulfonated Phenolics as potential endodontic irrigants/periodontal professional irrigant/chronic wounds-funded by Epien Medical.  Proc SPIE Int Soc Opt Eng. 2017 

SPIE 2017

In vitro Clinical Trial with  Multi-Species Plaque Derived Biofilms (Click image below)

3D Assessment of Biofilm Volume Through CP-OCT (RS Jones and Ravi Chityala). 

YouTube Video

Our Lab Groups Educational Videos in Pediatric Caries Management

Caries 2020: Video File (21 min) PDF  

Caries Diagnosis Part I: Video File (17 min) PDFCaries Diagnosis Part II: Video File (10 min) PDF 

Water Fluoridation: Video File (14 min) PDF

Topical Fluorides: Video File (21 min) PDF

Topical Therapies: Video File (27 min) PDF

Caries Risk Assessment Part I: Video File (12 min) PDF  
Caries Risk Assessment Part II: Video File (15 min) PDF

Motivational Interviewing: Video File (15 min) PDF

Diet: Video File (20 min) PDF

Prescriptions: Video File (20 min) PDF

Sealants and Restorative Approaches: Video File (16 min) PDF

Silver Diamine Fluoride:  Video File (37 min) PDF

Management Plans: Video File (30 min) PDF 

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