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Recent Papers

  • Van de Ven, A.H., Ang, S., Arino, A., Bamberger, P., LeBaron, C., Miller, C. & Milliken, F., 2015. Welcome to the Academy of Management Discoveries, Academy of Management Discoveries, Forthcoming 1, 1: 1-4.

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  • Marcus, A.A. & Van de Ven, A.H., 2015. Transitioning to social, economic, and environmental sustainability, accepted for publication in Henderson, R., Gulati, R. & Tushman, M (editors), Managing Change and Sustainability, Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. Forthcoming.

  • Van de Ven, A.H. & Zahra, S., 2015. Knowledge complexity, boundary objects, and innovation, chapter in F. Tell, C. Berggren, S. Brusoni, & A. Van de Ven (eds.) Knowledge Integration Across Boundaries, Oxford, U.K.: Oxford Univ. Press. Forthcoming.

  • Van de Ven, A.H. 2014. “What matters most to patients? Participative provider care and staff courtesy,” Patient Experience Journal. Vol. 1, No. 1: 1-10.

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  • Jarzabkowski, P., Le, J. & Van de Ven, A.H., 2013.  "Responding to competing strategic demands: How organizing, belonging, and performing paradoxes co-evolve.” Strategic Organization, 11(3): 245-280.

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  • Solberg, L.I., Crain, A.L., Jaeckels, N., Ohnsorg, K.A., Margolis K.L., Beck, A., Robin R Whitebird,R.R., Rossom, R.C., Crabtree, B.F., & Van de Ven, A.H. 2013. “The DIAMOND initiative: Implementing collaborative care for depression in 75 primary care clinics.” Implementation Science, 8:135.

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