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Reporting Tab

How do I print a weekly room schedule?
  1. Go to the Reporting tab, click on the Reports link.
  2. Schedulers have a group of reports called "Sections & Events Room Grids". Click on the (+) button to the left to expand and see the individual reports.
  3. Select either the "Weekly Grid Landscape No Logo" or "Weekly Room Grid".  They show the same scheduling information, but the former is displayed in a landscape layout without a header logo, while the latter is displayed portrait layout with a U of MN logo header. Click on the one you want to run.
  4. Using the Main Report selections on the left, first choose a start date.  We recommend always choosing a Sunday for best display.
  5. Click in the Select Campus field to make it editable, then click on the square icon that appears within the field. A popup box appears. Choose your campus, building, and room from the drop downs menus in the popup. Click OK.
  6. The Apply button with the green check mark should now be available. Click it. After a moment, you see your report.
  7. To print it, click the small printer icon above the Main Report section. Click Export in the popup box and open the file with Adobe.
  8. Print the report from Adobe.