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Academics Tab

Astra Schedule has an interface with PeopleSoft/Collaborative Course Scheduling (PS/CCS) that synchronizes room assignments between the two systems, ensuring no rooms are double-booked. All meeting pattern and room assignment information is reflected within PS/CCS and Astra calendars without the need for double entry. Within Astra Schedule, class meeting pattern, room assignment, and instructor information can be sorted and filtered for quick and easy ‘at a glance’ management for corrections that need to be made in PS/CCS.

1. Select the Academics tab, then Sections.

2. Use the Filter column on the left to find your classes.
    • Usually filter by Term, Subject(s), and Campus.
    • Click the Search button, at the bottom of the filter criteria list.

3. Quickly find sections without room assignments by: sorting on Room column –OR– adding the Room null icon to your filter criteria.

4. To add or change a class meeting’s room assignment:
    • Click the pencil icon next to the Course/Section.
    • Click on the assign room icon to assign a room.
    • From the pop-up window, select a room by clicking on the appropriate 'Available' box, then click OK.
    • Back on the Section page, click the Save button, in the upper left corner. The room assignment will appear in CCS within seconds.

5. To return to your Section list click the Sections link, beneath the Astra Home tab.