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Astra Schedule users are split between two main categories- room requestors and administrative room schedulers.

Room Requestors: In general, these users are seeking room availability information and request use of a room for their event activity. Any activity that is not credit bearing is considered an event, whether it is course related or non-course related. These users simply login using their UMN Internet ID and password to gain access to requesting rooms for events.

Administrative Room Schedulers: These users are employees of colleges and departments that have been assigned the responsibility of managing room schedules. These users have the authority to approve or deny room usage requests. These users must attend appropriate training in order to gain access to schedule events or classes in the rooms they are authorized to manage.

Membership to the Astra Schedule iCoP is primarily intended for trained Astra administrative room schedulers but is open to interested members of the University community. Anyone who wishes to learn more about Astra Schedule may find this group of interest.