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The Astra Schedule Informal Community of Practice is an informal CoP (iCoP). This charter describes how it operates.
Astra Schedule is an enterprise level scheduling system managed by the Office of Classroom Management for all system campuses. The software’s primary functions are as follows:
1. Provide batch scheduling of academic classes into General Purpose Classrooms
2. Enable event scheduling in rooms once classes have been placed
3. Prevent double booking of classes or events
4. Provide web based means for the University community to request use of space for events
5. Provide information on activities in rooms through system calendars
6. Provide room use statistics to central administration
The Astra Schedule iCoP will provide continuing education for trained Astra administrative room schedulers. Tips & tricks, best practices, and updates to the software will be presented. It will also serve as a forum for the Astra administrative room scheduler community to ask questions and provide feedback.
Membership is primarily intended for trained Astra administrative room schedulers but is open to interested members of the University community. For more information, see the Membership page.
Organization Structure/Leadership
iCoP steering committee members will plan meetings. Any member of the Astra Schedule iCoP can suggest topics or issues for discussion at the meetings.

Life Expectancy
The Astra Schedule iCoP will be an on-going group until the University retires the Astra Schedule software.
The Astra Schedule iCoP will communicate through emails from ‘ocmsoftwarehelp@umn.edu’ and the Astra Schedule iCoP Google site. Agendas and presentations will be shared through the Google site.

In addition, the Astra Schedule iCoP will publish articles on “best practices” on the Astra Schedule iCoP Google site.
Astra Schedule iCoP will meet three times per semester- once on Twin Cities East Bank, once on Twin Cities St. Paul, and once via Google Hangout for the System Campuses. Members are welcome to attend any of these meetings.
The meeting format will include general news and updates about Astra Schedule, presentations on Astra Schedule features, questions and discussion of best practices and suggestions for improvements in Astra Schedule.
Meetings will be scheduled via Google Calendar.
Attendance at the meetings will be a sign of how useful the group is to the University. Keeping a core of consistent attendees will demonstrate the value of the group.  A continually growing membership will indicate the need for continued development.