About the Astra Schedule Informal Community of Practice (iCoP)

General Information

The Astra Schedule iCoP (z.umn.edu/astraicop) provides ongoing support to administrative room schedulers once basic training has been completed. Topics of group meetings will address issues that administrative schedulers experience in their day-to-day use of the Astra Schedule software, serve as an opportunity for users to share ideas with each other, and receive help solving specific problems.

Astra Schedule: z.umn.edu/astra

Astra Schedule help documents: www.aais.com/Help/75/index.html

Astra help desk email: ocmsoftwarehelp@umn.edu

Event Schedulers

Events are defined as any non-credit bearing activity. Events may be course related but are not considered to be ‘academic activity’ as it is defined by the scheduling protocols of Astra. Administrative event schedulers in Astra are people who have the authority to approve and assign event activity in space managed by their own department.  

For Astra event scheduling information, click here.

Academic Schedulers

If you are an administrative academic scheduler who assigns departmental space to classes you are required to attend Astra Academics training in conjunction with PeopleSoft/CCS training.  Astra Schedule offers an ‘on-demand’ interface with PS/CCS that posts changes to room assignments to both systems in a matter of seconds.

For Astra academic scheduling information, click here.