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What is Pledging?

What is Pledging?
Pledging is an 11 week long process during which you will be given the opportunity to show your character, abilities, leadership, and brotherhood to Alpha Kappa Psi’s Alpha Eta Chapter at the University of Minnesota. You and your pledge class will be given the task of planning and carrying out professional, social, community service and fundraising events. The goal of assigning these events to your pledge class is to develop critical skills that you will come to value in your future academic and professional career.

Alpha Kappa Psi is a fraternity – a brotherhood – which separates it from other student organizations. The active chapter is a tightly-knit brotherhood that consists of student members who know that they can depend on the support of their brothers for life. During the pledge process, you and your pledge class are expected to develop that same bond of brotherhood that distinguishes our fraternity. 

How long is the Pledge Program?

The pledge program lasts for eleven weeks. It is a process that will test your ability to become a successful brother in the fraternity. It will start after rush week and will end one and a half weeks before finals.

How much of a time commitment is pledging?

The weekly average time commitment of Alpha Eta’s pledge process is 10-15 hours/week during the 11 weeks of  the pledge semester. Many student members who have pledged Alpha Kappa Psi managed to balance their schoolwork, internships, and personal lives while successfully pledging. The pledge process encourages pledges to develop valuable time management skills that they find useful in their lives and careers after the pledge semester.