Managing stress

Boynton Health Service

PAWS: Pet Away Worry and Stress
Weekly sessions feature registered therapy animal teams—including dogs, Woodstock the chicken, and other animals—that students interact with and pet to lower stress levels.

Online guide includes common symptoms and strategies to reduce stress.

A student-led health promotion group helping students manage stress and connect with mental health resources on campus. You'll meet one-on-one with a trained student volunteer to learn about stressors, stress management skills and strategies, and get connected with stress management resources. Appointments are free, and last about 45 minutes.

A Health Advocate (HA) is a student appointed as a health resource in his or her residence hall or apartment community. They share information and prevention strategies with other students in their residence from band-aids, to cough medicine to condoms.
Stress is a normal part of being a university student.  Sometimes, stress can be successfully managed through things like rest, relaxation, exercise, good nutrition, and support of trusted friends. But sometimes feelings of stress and other concerns can become overwhelming. When this happens, you should speak with a counselor.  You can meet individually, in couples, or attend a group session.

Yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates
Boynton offers free yoga, tai chi, and Pilates classes throughout the school year. Classes focus on stress management. Beginners are welcome. Classes are no charge to students, faculty, and staff.  Registration is not required. Yoga classes are limited to 25 people.

Yoga or exercise mats are required for Pilates. Mats are recommended for yoga, but not required. Low-cost yoga mats are available for purchase in Boynton's pharmacy.

Effective U

Effective U: Managing Stress
Online tutorial which helps you define stress, identify personal triggers and employ simple strategies for calming your stressful feelings.

Student Mental Health

Comprehensive Mental Health website
Find information and more services about managing stress and other mental health concerns on the University of Minnesota's comprehensive mental health website.

International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS)

ISSS Counseling
Many students, both international and U.S., experience academic and personal difficulties and stress. International students often experience stress with adjusting a new academic system, a new culture, pressure to succeed, a change in financial situation, the first time being away from home, or a physical or mental health concern.

ISSS counselors are trained to provide both counseling and advising. ISSS counselors can help you in managing stress supporting your success at the University.

Student Counseling Services (SCS)

Meet with a counselor at SCS for personal counseling for support and getting help managing stress.  

University Recreation & Wellness

Exercise at the Rec
Exercise is one of the most effective ways to manage stress and feel better.  The Rec Center offers a wide variety of facilities and opportunities for getting active.

Fitness Equipment Orientation
Provides education and tools necessary to customize current exercise programs

Group Fitness Classes
A wide variety of class formats to help establish and maintain healthy exercise habits

Fitness Assessment Services
Offers an overview of current fitness levels by executing a collection of fitness tests

Personal Training Services
Design a customized exercise program combining personal health and fitness goals with fitness assessment results

Small Group Training
Offers structured exercise in an intimate environment, meeting the needs of the beginner to the highly skilled athlete
Join an intramural sports league or join a Sports Club for a fun way to exercise, get active, and meet other students.

Student Groups

Join a student group
Student groups are a great way to connect with other students, make friends, and find support.  There are many student groups in the categories of health and wellness, fitness and exercise, connecting to others, and mental health.