Working as a Teaching Assistant

Center for Writing/Teaching with Writing

Schedule a face-to-face or online consultation on issues related to teaching with writing across the University curriculum, including integrating writing into your course, designing assignments and activities, and responding to and grading student writing.

Browse sample syllabi, assignments, rubrics, teaching ideas, and more on the Center for Writing website. 

Attend free, public workshops and discussions that provide support and create community for instructors across the University who use writing in their teaching. 

Disability Resource Center

Instructor Training & Resources
If you have questions about accommodations for a student in your class, please contact the Disability Resource Center Access Consultant listed on your student's disability accommodation letter. 
Information sheets are also available online.

Center for Educational Innovation

International TA (ITA) Courses
Courses that train and support nonnative English speakers who teach courses and undertake other instructional responsibilities at the University of Minnesota. The ITA Program offers 3 courses during the academic year: Foundations, 5102, 5105.

CSE: Teaching and Language Kick-off (TALK) Orientation
Takes place in August. Provides first-year international graduate students with discipline-specific information, teaching practice, and English appropriate to their needs as future teaching assistants. Participants engage in language courses, departmental workshops, teaching simulations, and learning educational cultural differences. 

Language and Teaching Consultations
Consultants are available to assist international faculty, TAs, researchers and academic staff who want to enhance their language proficiency or discuss strategies for teaching students in the United States. Education specialists with specific training in English as a Second Language and instructional methods respond to consultees' concerns.
English Pronunciation for Academics Workshops
In this workshop series, international faculty, scholars, and graduate students will uncover the nuances of English pronunciation that matter most for conveying meaning effectively in U.S. academic settings. Participants will learn and practice research-based pronunciation strategies to enhance classroom teaching and conference presentations.