Giving presentations

Minnesota English Language Program (MELP)

ESL Courses

ESL 3502, Academic Listening and Speaking (5 credits)
Course content includes understanding lectures, producing academic presentations and participating in discussions on subjects of general academic interest, as well as developing strategies for giving and defending opinions.

ESL 3551, English Pronunciation (4 credits)
Course content and activities center around improving the production and perception of the sounds of the English language: individual sounds, rhythm,
intonation, word and sentence stress, and linking phenomena in fast speech.

ESL 3602, Speaking for Academic Purposes (4 credits)
Course activities focus on academic interactions such as lectures, presentations, seminar-style discussions, informal exchanges. Students will learn to present themselves professionally/socially in collegiate settings.

This course is designed for non-native speakers of English who are graduate students seeking to improve their English speaking skills for professional contexts. The goal of this course is to help students refine their English skills for effective and culturally appropriate communication in specific professional situations. Students will increase their confidence to communicate in a variety of settings including informal exchanges, career fairs, conference presentations, and job interviews.

Student English Language Support
Make an appointment for free, one-to-one ESL support for international undergraduate students. ESL consultants can help with concerns such as speaking skills for giving presentations, pronunciation, and working on grammar and vocabulary in visual aids.

Department of Writing Studies

WRIT 5052 - Graduate Research Presentations and Conference Writing for Non-Native Speakers of English 
(3.0 cr; Prereq-[Grad student, non-native speaker of English] or #; fall, spring, every year) 
Practice in writing/presenting graduate-level research for conferences or professional seminars. Delivery of professional academic presentations to U.S. audiences. Conference abstract, paper, and poster presentation. Communication in research process. Students select topics from their own research/studies. Format, style, transitions, topic narrowing, non-verbal presentation skills. 

SMART Learning Commons

Media Viewing Room
Reserve the Media Viewing Room to practice giving presentations either by yourself or with a small group.  The room has all the technology and resources you need.