Making friends

International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS)

Small World Coffee Hour (SWCH) hosts events throughout the semester where students come together to learn about a new cultures, food and customs.

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A great way to make both international and American friends. Through the International Buddy Program, new students communicate with current U.S. and international undergraduate students before they arrive on campus, and get support after they arrive.  Also offers a number of fun social events throughout the academic year.
Groups of international and U.S. students meeting weekly during semesters to share cross-cultural experiences, personal thoughts, and feelings in a relaxed atmosphere. Weekly meetings and the safe, comfortable, and fun atmosphere can make it easier to make friends with other group members.
Students Crossing Borders
An on-campus living community bringing international and domestic students together that gives residents a global experience through interactive cross-cultural learning. A great way to connect international and domestic students.

Student Counseling Services (SCS)

Individual Counseling
Meet with a counselor to find guidance and support with how to find and make friends, increase communication skills, assertiveness, and self-confidence, and manage homesickness and loneliness.

Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence (MCAE)

Common Connections Program

Common Connections is a program designed to foster friendships between international and domestic students through fun activities, cooperative civic engagement, cultural sharing, leadership development, interpersonal communication, and increased awareness of US and international diversity. 


Face to Face Exchanges
Meet with a language partner, either individually or a group, and meet American students interested in learning another language, and practice using English with your partner(s).


How to Make American Friends Presentation
View Sheryl Holt's Powerpoint "How to make American friends/How to talk to Americans" for international students.

Student Union & Activities (SUA)

SUA events
Check the SUA events website for an updated list of upcoming events.  All academic year, SUA hosts a variety of fun, social, engaging events, activities, films, presentations, and concerts.
Stop by one of the on-campus game rooms for bowling, billiards, video games, board games, and food.

Holds concerts all academic year with a wide variety of musicians.  Check their website for details and to see the schedule of who is performing.

Student Groups

Join a student group
There are many different student groups in a wide variety of categories that you can join.  Student groups are a great way to meet other students and make friends.  Students can join groups with categories such as their home country/culture, interests/hobbies, and professional development/networking.  Student groups are open for all students to join, regardless of your background or experience in the category.  Check out a student group's website for information about each group you're interested in!