About the Presenters: Open UMN

Gregory C. Brown, Office of General Counsel

Richard Brown, College of Pharmacy

Kristine Fowler, University Libraries, is a Co-Chair of the libraries' Scholarly Communication Collaborative, in addition to her roles as Mathematics Librarian and Physical Sciences & Engineering Library Collections Coordinator at the University of Minnesota. She is active in the Special Libraries Aassociation's Physics-Astronomy-Mathematics division, which she chaired in 2001-2002, and focuses her scholarly work on the mathematics literature. Her most recent publication was a College & Research Libraries News article on the intramural science quiz tournament she directs.

Patrick Haggerty, Office of Information Technology

Sara Hurley, College of Education and Human Development, has 10 years of experience designing websites and writing for the web. She co-launched the first Minnesota Web Conference in 2008 and is a part of the leadership for that annual event. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction with focuses on Learning Technologies and Culture & Teaching. 

Lisa Johnston, University Libraries

Julie Kelly, University Libraries

Meghan Lafferty, University Libraries

Luke Lecheler, College of Education and Human Development

Amanda Rondeau, Office of the Senior Vice President & Provost

Bob Rubinyi, Office of the Senior Vice President & Provost