Yi-Jun Chang


I am a PhD student at the University of Michigan. My adviser is Seth Pettie. Before coming to Michigan, I was a Master's student at the National Taiwan University, under the supervision of Hsu-Chun YenI have a broad interest in many topics in theoretical computer science. Currently I am mostly interested in the complexity of local distributed graph problems; see my FOCS'16 and FOCS'17 papers. 

My e-mail: cyijun@umich.edu


Distributed Triangle Detection via Expander Decomposition
Yi-Jun Chang, Seth Pettie, Hengjie Zhang
 ArXiv version ◊ 

Energy Complexity of Distance Computation in Multi-hop Networks
Yi-Jun Chang
 ArXiv version ◊ 

Conference Papers
See my DBLP entry for more details.

The Energy Complexity of Broadcast
Yi-Jun Chang, Varsha Dani, Thomas P. Hayes, Qizheng He, Wenzheng Li, Seth Pettie
 ArXiv version ◊ 

An Optimal Distributed (Δ+1)-Coloring Algorithm?
Yi-Jun Chang, Wenzheng Li, Seth Pettie
 ArXiv version ◊ 

The Complexity of Distributed Edge Coloring with Small Palettes
Yi-Jun Chang, Qizheng He, Wenzheng Li, Seth Pettie, Jara Uitto
 ArXiv version ◊ 

A Time Hierarchy Theorem for the LOCAL Model
Yi-Jun Chang, Seth Pettie
 ArXiv version 

Unfolding Some Classes of Orthogonal Polyhedra of Arbitrary Genus
Kuan-Yi Ho, Yi-Jun Chang, Hsu-Chun Yen

On Bend-minimized Orthogonal Drawings of Planar 3-graphs
Yi-Jun Chang, Hsu-Chun Yen

Exponential Separations in the Energy Complexity of Leader Election
Yi-Jun Chang, Tsvi Kopelowitz, Seth Pettie, Ruosong Wang, Wei Zhan
 ArXiv version ◊ 

An Exponential Separation Between Randomized and Deterministic Complexity in the LOCAL Model
Yi-Jun Chang, Tsvi Kopelowitz, Seth Pettie
 ArXiv version ◊ 

Hardness of RNA Folding Problem with Four Symbols
Yi-Jun Chang

Unfolding Orthogonal Polyhedra with Linear Refinement
Yi-Jun Chang, Hsu-Chun Yen

A New Approach for Contact Graph Representations and Its Applications
Yi-Jun Chang, Hsu-Chun Yen

Rectilinear Duals Using Monotone Staircase Polygons
Yi-Jun Chang, Hsu-Chun Yen

On Orthogonally Convex Drawings of Plane Graphs
Yi-Jun ChangHsu-Chun Yen