Yi-Jun Chang


▸ PhD, University of Michigan         (2015-2019)   Advisor:  Seth Pettie
▸ MS,  National Taiwan University     (2013-2015)   Advisor:  Hsu-Chun Yen
▸ BS,  National Taiwan University     (2009-2013)

Contact information:
 yi-jun.chang@eth-its.ethz.ch          (current)
▸ cyijun@umich.edu                    (permanent)


The Energy Complexity of BFS in Radio Networks 
with Varsha Dani, Thomas P. Hayes and Seth Pettie
PODC 2020

Streaming Complexity of Spanning Tree Computation
with Martín Farach-Colton, Tsan-Sheng Hsu and Meng-Tsung Tsai
STACS 2020

Improved Distributed Expander Decomposition and Nearly Optimal Triangle Enumeration
with Thatchaphol Saranurak
PODC 2019  (best paper award)

The Complexity of (Δ+1) Coloring in Congested Clique, Massively Parallel Computation, and Centralized Local Computation 
with Manuela Fischer, Mohsen Ghaffari, Jara Uitto and Yufan Zheng
PODC 2019  (best student paper award)
 ArXiv version  

The Distributed Complexity of Locally Checkable Problems on Paths is Decidable 
with Alkida Balliu, Sebastian Brandt, Dennis Olivetti, Mikaël Rabie and Jukka Suomela
PODC 2019

Simple Contention Resolution via Multiplicative Weight Updates
with Wenyu Jin and Seth Pettie 
SOSA 2019

Distributed Triangle Detection via Expander Decomposition
with Seth Pettie and Hengjie Zhang
SODA 2019

The Energy Complexity of Broadcast
with Varsha Dani, Thomas P. Hayes, Qizheng He, Wenzheng Li and Seth Pettie
PODC 2018

An Optimal Distributed (Δ+1)-Coloring Algorithm?
with Wenzheng Li and Seth Pettie
STOC 2018, SIAM Journal on Computing 2020

The Complexity of Distributed Edge Coloring with Small Palettes
with Qizheng He, Wenzheng Li, Seth Pettie and Jara Uitto
SODA 2018, ACM Transactions on Algorithms 2019

A Time Hierarchy Theorem for the LOCAL Model
with Seth Pettie
FOCS 2017, SIAM Journal on Computing 2019

Unfolding Some Classes of Orthogonal Polyhedra of Arbitrary Genus
with Kuan-Yi Ho and Hsu-Chun Yen
COCOON 2017, Journal of Combinatorial Optimization 2019 (special issue invitation)

On Bend-minimized Orthogonal Drawings of Planar 3-graphs
with Hsu-Chun Yen
SoCG 2017

Exponential Separations in the Energy Complexity of Leader Election
with Tsvi Kopelowitz, Seth Pettie, Ruosong Wang and Wei Zhan
STOC 2017, ACM Transactions on Algorithms 2019

Area-universal drawings of biconnected outerplane graphs
with Hsu-Chun Yen
Information Processing Letters 2017

An Exponential Separation Between Randomized and Deterministic Complexity in the LOCAL Model
with Tsvi Kopelowitz and Seth Pettie
FOCS 2016, SIAM Journal on Computing 2019

Hardness of RNA Folding Problem with Four Symbols
CPM 2016, Theoretical Computer Science 2019

Unfolding Orthogonal Polyhedra with Linear Refinement
with Hsu-Chun Yen
ISAAC 2015, International Journal of Computational Geometry and Applications 2017 (special issue invitation)

A New Approach for Contact Graph Representations and Its Applications
with Hsu-Chun Yen
WADS 2015

Rectilinear Duals Using Monotone Staircase Polygons
with Hsu-Chun Yen
COCOA 2014, Theoretical Computer Science 2015 (special issue invitation)

On Orthogonally Convex Drawings of Plane Graphs
with Hsu-Chun Yen
GD 2013, Computational Geometry 2017