Lab News

April 2018: Our research article “A robust and tunable mitotic oscillator in artificial cells” is published in eLife. 

April 2018: Minjun has received the Seyhan N. Ege-WISE Award. Suzie has been received the Alumni Outstanding Award. Congratulations, Minjun and Suzie!

February 2018: Zhengda has received a Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship. Congratulations, Zhengda!

February 2018: Zhengda presented at the 2018 Winter q-Bio Conference in Maui-Grand Wailea, HI. 

February 2018: Suzie has received the 2018 Honors Summer Fellowship. Congratulations, Suzie!

January 2018: Owen passed his preliminary examination and has been advanced to PhD candidacy. Congratulationss, Owen!

December 2017: Shiyuan passed his preliminary examination. Congratulationss, Shiyuan!

December 2017: Ye defended her dissertation! Congratulations, Dr. Guan!

December 2017: Zhengda presented at the 2017 ASCB EMBO Annual Meeting  in Philadelphia, PA. 

November 2017: Our review article “Quantitative and synthetic biology approaches in understanding biological oscillators” is published in Quantitative Biology. 

October 2017: Dr. Meng Sun has joined us as a postdoctoral fellow. Welcome, Meng!

September 2017: Qiong received a Sloan fellowship.

July 2017: Our research article “Incoherent inputs promote network robustness of biological oscillators” is published in Cell Systems. 

June 2017: Bowen Lian has joined us as a research associate. Welcome, Bowen!

May 2017: Ye and Zhenga attended the Cells as Dynamical Systems Workshop in San Francisco CA.

April 2017: The Yang Lab (Nigel, Owen, Shiyuan, and Qiong) presented at the 5th Midwest Quantitative Biology Symposium in Notre Dame IN.  Qiong gave a talk; Nigel gave a lightening talk; Owen resented a poster.

February 2017: Owen Puls has joined us as a Physics graduate student. Welcome Owen!

September 2016: Shiyuan Wang has joined us as a Biophysics graduate student. Welcome Shiyuan!

August 2016: Qiong received an NIH MIRA Award.

July 2016: The Yang Lab (Ye, Zhengda, and Qiong) presented at the 10th Annual q-bio Conference in Nashville TN.

December 2015: Qiong received an NSF CAREER Award.

October 2014: We are moving to our new lab space! The Yang lab space includes two microscope rooms, two wet labs, two student offices, one zebrafish room, and one task room.

August 2014: Maddie presented her summer project at the Closing Symposium for the Interdisciplinary REU Program.

August 2014: The Yang Lab (Zhengda, Joshua, and Qiong) presented at the 3rd Midwest Single Molecule Workshop 2014 in Urbana IL. Qiong gave a talk and Zhengda presented a poster. Congratulations to Zhengda for winning a poster award!

April 2014: Our first zebrafish mini-rack is now set up and running!

March 2014: Our lab renovation project kicks off. 

January 2014: Qiong will be teaching Biophysics 608 in Winter. 

January 2014: Zhengda Li joins us as a PIBS and Bioinformatics graduate student. He will be working on multi-scale modeling and single-cell tracking of cell proliferation during zebrafish somitogenesis. Welcome, Zhengda! 

January 2014: Ye Guan joins us as a Chemistry graduate student. She will be working on single-molecule and microfluidic based imaging of early embryonic events in ex-vivo zebrafish embryos. Welcome, Ye!

January 2014: Our lab is officially launched. We're currently looking for talented graduate students and postdocs. Please stay tuned with us.

June 2013: Qiong accepts a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in Biophysics and Physics at the University of Michigan.