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Jo's memristor synapse paper cited more than 1000 times

posted Feb 16, 2016, 12:25 PM by Mohammed Zidan   [ updated Feb 19, 2016, 11:22 AM by Wei Lu ]
In March 2010, Sung Hyun ("Jo"), Kuk-Hwan and our collaborators published the first experimental study showing memristors can effectively act as synapses. The work titled “Nanoscale Memristor Device as Synapse in Neuromorphic Systems”, published in Nano Letters, has stimulated significant interest from research communities around the world and formed the basis for several research programs towards bio-inspired computing. According to Google Scholar, the manuscript has now been cited over 1000 times. The work was also featured 
in Nature, EE Times, New Scientist, PhysicsOrg, Chemistry World and other news outlets.

Paper Abstract: A memristor is a two-terminal electronic device whose conductance can be precisely modulated by charge or flux through it. Here we experimentally demonstrate a nanoscale silicon-based memristor device and show that a hybrid system composed of complementary metal−oxide semiconductor neurons and memristor synapses can support important synaptic functions such as spike timing dependent plasticity. Using memristors as synapses in neuromorphic circuits can potentially offer both high connectivity and high density required for efficient computing.

Congratulations to Jo and the other authors!