The Bogotá School Children Cohort

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The Bogotá School Children Cohort (BoSCCo) is an ongoing prospective study of health and nutrition among children from low- and middle-income families in the city of Bogotá in Colombia, a country currently at the early stages of the nutrition transition. The cohort was initiated in February 2006 with the recruitment of a representative sample of 3,202 children 5-12 years of age, who were enrolled in the public primary school system of Bogotá. Follow-up has occurred annually through contacts at the children's schools and homes. The BoSCCo project has a rich repository of biological specimens and longitudinally-collected information on sociodemographic conditions, anthropometry, diet, food security, body image perception, and academic performance; as well as nutrient, inflammation, and epigenetic biomarkers. The BoSCCo also offers a powerful platform to implement nested intervention studies of diet and health in school-age children and their families.