MiChart, CPRS, & VPN

These instruction assume you are accessing these resources for the first time.  If you have already completed steps 1 and 2, skip to step 3 for links to the specific resource you want.
  1. Install Cisco AnyConnect VPN
    1. Locate your appropriate version of Cisco AnyConnect VPN: here
    2. Connect to: vpn.med.umich.edu 
    3. Use your level 1 credentials (will save configuration after successful login) 

  2. Access Specific Application
    1. MiChart
      1. http://vplaces.med.umich.edu
    2. VA CPRS
      1. Please review VA instructions here
      2. https://vacageast.vpn.va.gov/vpn/index_piv.html

  3. If the above fails:
    1. Update/Install Java
      1. http://www.java.com/
      2. Return to previous step

  4. If all of the above fails or if you have further questions, please contact: msishelp@umich.edu