2014 Orientation - Electronic Resources To Do List

A Little Background Before You Begin:

You are about to set-up and test your access to three systems that you will be using on a regular basis at Medical School: email, lecture videos, and quizzes/exams. By completing each of the steps on the To Do list, you will be ready to use these electronic systems when school starts.

First, a few key terms and concepts:

  • Outlook Email: The official email system of the Medical School and the University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) is Outlook. You are required to use Outlook for your school-related email.
  • CTools: This is the Medical School's curriculum content management system, class announcement tool, and student calendaring tool.
  • Uniqname: A uniqname is your electronic user ID and is part of your e-mail address. Uniqnames are made up of three to eight alphabetic characters (for example, bjensen). It is also used in conjuntion with a password (below) to log into various electronic systems. You can tell anyone your uniqname.
  • Passwords: You will have three passwords which you will have to use on a regular basis:
    • Level-1 (a.k.a., UMICH) - password for the standard University-wide login system which provides access to CTools, LRC Computers, etc.
    • Level-2 - used for your Outlook email and other UMHS online services and applications.
    • Honor Code - your password to the Quiz and Exam system.

If you have any problems or questions during this process do not be alarmed. Contact us these ways:

  • Come to the LRC Help Desk in the LRC Computing Lab M-F 8am - 10pm, Sat/Sun Noon - 10pm
Let us know if you need help. We will work with you to get these issues resolved before the start of classes on Thursday.


    • Login with Uniqname and Level-2 password
    • Access all of UMHS services

Backup Wireless Networks:
    • Anyone can access
    • Asks for your name and email address every 30 minutes
    • Uniqname and Level-1 password
    • Primarily for members of campus who do not need access to UMHS Services
UMHS-8021X is a Hospital-wide network, only. MWireless is a campus-wide network, which covers all campuses. However, many hospital resources will only work on UMHS-8021X. MWireless-UMHS will provide basic Internet access on the UMHS campus.

Outlook Email (5 minutes)

Why do I have to do this?

  • The official email system of the Medical School and the University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) is Outlook. You are required to use Outlook for your school-related email. 
  • Additionally, Outlook is required for regulatory and security reasons (HIPAA).
  • We strongly recommend that you follow these instructions to forward email into Outlook when you start school. That way, all email gets delivered to the same location for simplicity.


To set up your email to forward to Outlook, do the following steps in order:

Outlook email is accessible at http://email.med.umich.edu.  You will need to configure the campus MCommunity directory to make sure email goes to Outlook.

  1. Go to: http://mcommunity.umich.edu/

  2. Login to see your profile by clicking the "Log in" link located at the top right of the page (illustrated below).

  3. Once logged in, click the "My Profile" link in the upper right corner (illustrated below).

  1. Click the "Settings" tab (illustrated below)

  1. Under "E-mail Forwarding Addresses" (illustrated below):

    1. Your email address is made up of your uniqname and the address of the UMHS Exchange Service.  For example, if your uniqname were bjensen, your email forwarding address would be bjensen@med.umich.edu.

    2. If you only see your Uniqname@med.umich.edu you are done and can go to step 6

    3. Click Remove on any other email addresses so that the only one left is your Uniqname@med.umich.edu

    4. If you do not see your Uniqname@med.umich.edu, then click "Add Forwarding Address" and add your Uniqname@med.umich.edu and remove any others.

  1. Test your Outlook at:  http://email.med.umich.edu

Configure Outlook on Your Mobile Device (5 minutes):


Ctools Overview (5 minutes)

Introduction to Ctools video (2.5 minutes)

Alina Lou, M2

What do you use Ctools for?

UM's official communication mechanism:

  1. Calendar
    1. Sequence Dates
    2. Google Calendar
    3. Apple iCal

  2. Schedule
    1. Weekly (your personal group view)

  3. Announcements
    1. List of announcements

  4. Resources
    1. lecture slides and presentations
    2. left hand side tabs for items needed throughout the school year
  5. Many other uses throughout the term

Lecture Videos (5 minutes)

The UMMS lecture system, Mediasite, provides lecture video and high quality Powerpoint slides in one package. The integrated “rich media” format is streamed to you, and can be downloaded for off-network access.

Keyboard Commands:
  • Up & Down arrows change speed
  • Spacebar toggles Pause and Play
  • Left Arrow jumps back 3 seconds

How to Access Mediasite:

  1. Go to Medstudents homepage ->  M1 section -> Lecture Videos
    Lectures are available in two views: calendar or list
    M1 Lectures (Calendar View)
    All Med Lectures (List View)

  2. Login with your Uniqname and Level-1 password
    1. If this does not work, change your Level-1 password and then try again:
      Change your Level-1 password
    2. If changing your password does not work, please contact us at:

Quizzes and Exams (5 minutes)

First, obtain your Honor Code:

  1. Go to CTools: http://ctools.umich.edu
  2. Login in with your Uniqname and Level-1 Password
  3. Go to the "M1 2013-2014" site (in tabs across top)
  4. Select "Dropbox" from the left-hand navigation menu
  5. Select and open the "Honor Code" document ("your uniqname.pdf")
Second, Review the "Intro to Quizzes & Exams" Video (90 seconds):

Quizzes & Exams can be found off the Medstudents Homepage or by clicking below: 

You will take a sample quiz during the week of Orientation:

Optional:  M+Box Introduction (3 minutes)

What is M+Box?

  • M+Box:  http://box.it.umich.edu
  • The University of Michigan’s implementation of Box (similar to Dropbox)
  • 50 GB of cloud storage
  • Access the files via any web browser, smartphone, tablet, or your computer
  • Can synchronize your files to your computer
  • No setup process.  Already configured.  
  • How is M+Box different from CTools?
    • CTools has:
      • schedule
      • announcements
      • class-specific stuff
      • sequences
      • and is the official repository of information
      • file storage for resources (this is where Box is similar)
    • M+Box is file storage:
      • with a few “extras” (sync, updates, etc.)
      • NOTE: Sensitive information (e.g. Patient records or ePHI) should Not be stored in M+Box
  • Computers/iPads/etc can access M+Box through variety of methods
    • Web access through any browser
    • Box App on iPad/Android
    • WebDAV (https://www.box.com/dav)
    • Note taking software (e.g. Notability)

Digital Note Taking and Handouts