2015 M3 Orientation - Rising M3 Technology Self-Help Guide

These are the most commonly asked technology questions of Rising M3 students.

Securely Working With Patient Information on Mobile Devices:

As an M3 you will need to make sure your mobile email access is secure to handle electronic patient health information (ePHI). This is now done through an application called AirWatch.  AirWatch provides access on phones and tablets. Outlook provides access on computers.

IMPORTANT NOTE (PLEASE READ): If you already have installed AirWatch as an M2 to access email and calendar, you do not automatically get MiChart apps. If you want them, you need to un-enroll and re-enroll. Before you do, be aware that Haiku and Canto offer an abridged version of MiChart (apps are named Haiku and Canto) and are not intended to replace the full application on a notebook or desktop workstation.

New: Using the UMHS-MiChart profile will DISABLE screenshot ability and iCloud Drive (iOS)

Haiku and Canto details:

Each application provides access to MiChart tasks focused on viewing patient information and offers additional features including:

  • viewing provider schedules
  • reviewing lab results
  • accessing certain folders within the In Basket
  • ePrescribing medications (iPhone only)
  • capturing clinical photos or videos (iPhone and iPad only)

Configure AirWatch for Mobile Devices (smartphones/tablets): 

FAQ and Installation instructions (requires Level-2 login)

Configure Haiku/Canto for MiChart:

Installation Instructions (requires Level-2 login)

Configure Outlook for Laptop/Desktop: 


MiChart, CPRS, & VPN

These instruction assume you are accessing these resources for the first time.  If you have already completed steps 1 and 2, skip to step 3 for links to the specific resource you want.
  1. Install Cisco AnyConnect VPN
    1. Locate your appropriate version of Cisco AnyConnect VPN: here
    2. Connect to: vpn.med.umich.edu 
    3. Use your level 1 credentials (will save configuration after successful login) 

  2. Access Specific Application
    1. MiChart
      1. http://vplaces.med.umich.edu
    2. VA CPRS
      1. Please review VA instructions here
      2. https://vacageast.vpn.va.gov/vpn/index_piv.html

  3. If the above fails:
    1. Update/Install Java
      1. http://www.java.com/
      2. Return to previous step

  4. If all of the above fails or if you have further questions, please contact: msishelp@umich.edu


MLearning mandatory modules can be found here: https://trainingportal.med.umich.edu


  • Come to 8th floor UH-South during Orientation (May 6-7, 2015) for assistance,
  • Weekly assistance will be available at Seminars in Medicine at the Ford Auditorium Fridays from 2:30-3:15pm, 
  • Email or call the MSIS Service Desk at msishelp@umich.edu - 734-763-7770